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Scott at The Controller Online writes: "I know that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was released the week before Valentines Day but you’ll still be playing it this coming Tuesday, so you may as well go out and buy some apology flowers now. EA and Big Huge games took the “think, therefore I am” approach when telling us all about Reckoning. They’ve acted, from the start, like this was already a blockbuster game from a blockbuster franchise despite it being a new game from a new franchise. Was this confidence in what they knew to be a superior product or simply cockiness? As it turns out, it was Confidence as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played."

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Knight_Cid2199d ago

The game is generic and pretty boring and lame……………..

You dont know rpgs

GribbleGrunger2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

i've been playing it for 8 hours and it's excellent. in my opinion it's a lot more 'fun' than Skyrim. it doesn't compete at all graphically but the fighting system is far more intuitive and has variety of moves. GREAT game that i recommend to anyone who wants a game that just keeps on giving

leapfrogger2199d ago

How this game is getting so many 9 /10's is beyond me. It is the most generic RPG I've played in a long time. Witcher 2 and Skyrim are much better (and cheaper) at the moment. This feels too much like an offline MMO.

And in terms of gameplay, I'd say it's about on par with Two Worlds 2.

Baba19062199d ago

this is no way close to two worlds. i couldnt finish that game. amalur is really amazing. i sometimes dondt even notice how far i have gone just becouse it is so much fun to play. the world is nicely done and i am really starting to care for the war and my faith haha =D love it.

Knight_Cid2199d ago

I never thought I would say it but skyrim is better ( a game I already think is over rated)

I watch some vids, played the demo and it was liek a route canal

GribbleGrunger2199d ago

yeah, the tutorial level was. the game is open world and HUGE

Grimhammer002199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

29hrs in lvl 16 sorceress. It's awesome!
I just wouldnt recommend this to completionists. It has sooooo many quests it's beyond my comprehension! Lol

I'm not even 2 quests in on the main story!!!

-and it seems some quests give you no xp.
I wish I knew which ones were money/item reward only.

scffox2199d ago

It has a crazy amount of quests. I'm loving it.

GribbleGrunger2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

crazy isn't the word for it! INSANE would be closer. i just need to ignore those damned exclamation marks until i've finished some of the list i've already got, but it's so flipping addictive. i'm still trying to come to terms with the skill trees too... blimey, no wonder it can take up to 300 to complete

on a side note, here's a heads up. there is a slight bug in the game (on all versions). sometimes the screen begins to shake at regular intervals. to cure this all you have to do is use your fate meter again and it cures it. i've used it every time it's full and i'm having no problems now

MsmackyM2199d ago

I'm sitting at home with a broken leg and I can't seem to put the game down. I really don't care what the story is about I'm having tons of fun just going on random side quest. Sure the game isn't perfect, but am I having fun? Absolutely.

Derpy2199d ago

I've been playing this game on my PS3 and Skyrim on my PC. I'm enjoying both games considerably and very much on the fence about which is better.

Those who are calling it generic really don't seem to know what makes a good RPG. While I wouldn't call either the perfect RPG, both are very decent games and both are much better than linear garbage like the Witcher and Two Worlds. Boy I hated the Witcher games, they were horrible and I didn't like Fable III much better. Skyrim and Amalur are the first couple of computer style rpgs to come along in a while that I have really been enjoying.