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We take a look at the latest entry into the Soulcalibur franchise and see if it measures up to the standards of past games.

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Baka-akaB2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Bullsh*t review as usual from that kind of sites that doesnt even reflect its content in the score .

"the previous iteration of story mode was dropped in favour of this linear path"

The previous iteration was a far worse thing , a generic arcade boss of 6 to 8 fight with algol at the end and almost no cutscenes .

"As for the battle system, I have two words for you, balancing issues."

Are you sure you played SC3 and 4 ?

"With the game pace increased significantly, strategic fighting is more of an afterthought than an active part of the battles;you’ll find yourself sticking to a single character that you know inside an out rather than exploring the roster to get a taste for everything. Along with the sped up battles comes the fact that even heavy hitters have been put into overdrive, meaning that larger weapons no longer mean slow and slogged movement,"

Really ? So you are manageing to spam and mash blindlessly without getting hit by auto impact guard moves , Critical edges with built in auto guards and counter ? Or the brave edges ?

Not to mention inputs that arent always instantaneous and force you plan some sidesteps or the guard ?

Bulldozers are quicker ? The pace is higher for the game , but quite a few older characters had their moves slowed down or missing more often . It's a quite common thing observed so far .

If it's about Nightmare , he was never slow to begin with and always a power house you learn to deal with , instead of mashing buttons like many claims since Soul Calibur ever appeared.

Either way the pace isnt in any way as amped as in SC2 .

"making short distance characters a little less desirable as a result."

Really ? So how come guys like Natsu and Alpha patroklos are so deadly ? Some because of their incredibly high damage input to make up for their range ... some others with their bags of trick and great evasion skills

MWH2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Baka you're an old, decent and active member here in n4g so i'll respect that. however; i disagree with your negative take on the whole review, the reviewer did have some vlaid points that has been raised by many veteran players of the Soul community including myself.

people will still enjoy SCV but it doesn't hide the fact that some of the core changes to the game had some significant negative impacts to many veteran players.

Baka-akaB2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

I respectfully disagree too . The review mostly concentrated on the sp .

Fine , the sp isnt enjoyed , even if again , as subpar as it is , SCIV was worse in the aspect, but moving on .

But most of the rest feels contrived .

Sc always seemed like a spammable game whatever the version , but quickly proves more difficult once you go deep or against solid foes . I dont see how a fan of the serie can pretend this one is a mash fest .

Nightmare was already among the fastest in games like SCIV , changing the pace of the game wasnt going to alter that . So itss hardly some case of big slow weapon suddenly becoming quick .

You wont mash efficiently with him anyway , Nightmare is an advanced character requiring understanding of fakes, mix-ups and mindgames. Nightmare lacks a solid reliable knockdown low and many of his mind-games/setups are reactable in the heat of battle. As such you have to disguise your throw attempts and not be afraid to take risk .

Siegfried was as much nerfed as buffed , if not more . you can GI his telegraphed moves .
His moveset was streamlined and modified with huge risk for each stances and their moves .
His win ratios against the likes of Nightmare are so far becoming worse .
He gotta make up for everything with stances mix up and keep away/tech traps . His close range options are very limited, and he's very vulnerable when in different stances. It's basically a free CE attack while he's transitioning

He'd hardly be in overdrive and such as speedster as implied there .

Astaroth ? He isn't exactly blazing with speed nor was he even that slow . He is more like gifted with a few amazing mid range tools , but can easily fall prey to tech crouch .
. His guard break game is superb, his throws are all still top notch .
But that's hardly anything new for him . Finally , his CE grab is easy to crouch avoid or counter .

So who the hell are those big slow weapon user suddenly becoming speedster ?

Cervantes ? Cervantes is alot slower then the other characters when it comes to 8wayrun/Side/Guard step. Of course Cervantes is a very well-rounded character with strong throws, great lunchers, and very strong combo potential. He can be very effective at almost any range; his damage gives him the ability to match Mitsurugi in close combat and his long range options can even give Astaroth trouble.

But he's hardly seeing such a speed buff other than the game's own pacing .

Hilde then ? In SC4 Hilde was able to attack while charging a attack, she can not do that with SC5. If you tried that in SC5 she will stand still and watch the birds fly far over head.

Example being I can charge A while attacking with A. She can NOT do that in SC5.

Her options are extremely limited now for good reasons - as she was broken - while still very viable .

i'll stop there . But there are too many vets complaining about that XXX move missing , nerfed or frame data changed , with most of the old cast ... to pretend you can "just pick up big weapon , be fast with them , and mash stuff" . Especially with Natsu always among the folks deemed overpowered .

Not claiming SCV got it all right nor is in any perfect . But some of the stuff complained about in the review feel quite at odds with what's going on ingame offline and online .

MWH2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

good that at least you have a thing for the Soul series and you know what you're talking about. i know this could be irrelevant but may i know for how long you're been playing Soul and what was your first in the series?

are you a member in 8wayrun? because i have a relatively long post there describing my experience with this installment that pretty much can fill in as a reply to your reply.

otherwise i can paste it if you care.

Baka-akaB2204d ago

I dont post much in 8wayrun , but hang around yeah .

And well i've played SoulEdge - wich i feel Soulcalibur V is (finally) more similar to (to my great joy) - then all of the Soulcalibur serie .

Redempteur2205d ago

People with no skills at fighting games should review fighting games ...

i mean it