8.0 Reviews The Darkness II

TG writes: The sequel to The Darkness took 5 years to get here. That is quite a long time in this age of annual releases. Does The Darkness II live up to it's predecessor's image, or is it best left in the dark?

Read our review to find out.

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kc_chang2173d ago

I had a lot of fun with the demo. I will be getting this game soon.

NJShadow2173d ago

Crap, I still gotta check out the demo. >.<

ftwrthtx2173d ago

Very fun game. Love the multi-tasking ability when it comes to slashing and shooting.

-MD-2173d ago

Finished the game last night, highly recommended.

Support good games.

Berserk2173d ago

I agree 100 %. But I do regret paying 60 $, because I finished the game in probably under 8 hours.

ftwrthtx2173d ago

Campaign was definitely too short.