More of the best ever GTA IV mods

Megabits of Gaming picks another 10 of the greatest mods and tweaks for GTA IV. Check out the Back To The Future mod

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tallulah2261d ago

hope GTV V's graphics look as good as that enhancement mod

Tortilla2261d ago

Definitely like the Back To The Future one the most. Be really cool if the mod went a little further and you could actually shift time. Fail a mission then drive off at 88mph and try again

HardCover2260d ago

That one was a little disappointing after the Crysis one, in my opinion

That T-Rex video was only 7 seconds but it looks pretty sweet.

andrewsqual2260d ago

Yawn, show mw some mods for the good games i.e. Vice City, San Andreas that I spent over 100 hours on each. Not the one that was crap and I cleared once and haven't touched it since.

HardCover2260d ago

Go look them up yourself. They've been around for years, so you (a presumed fan) should know good and well what they are.