SEGA Dreamcast Collection is Coming to the OnLive PlayPack on Tuesday

During his weekly livecast, OnLive Community Manager, Matt Jensen informed the community that on this coming Tuesday, OnLive will be releasing a special Dreamcast Collection to the OnLive PlayPack.

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CrimsonEngage2351d ago

How is OnLive not dead yet? I don't see how people can play games with such horrible input lag.

When i tried the free trail and attempted to play Crysis and Batman Arkahm Asylum the input lag was HORRIBLE. And i have pretty fast connection.

DA_SHREDDER2351d ago

When are you people gonna realize it's your internet problem that's the problem. I messed with onlive many times in the past and have yet to see this lag issues you dorks talk about. Onlive and cloud gaming is here, get over it along with yourself.

TooTall192351d ago

How could you play a demo of Crysis when it's not even on the service? I smell a troll.

To be honest the input lag isn't very far off from BF3 on PS3. In most newer games you cant even notice it. I can play Bastion no problem.

RufustheSage2351d ago

. . . .Dreamcast collection? I might have to look into Onlive. . .