5 Easy Games To Help Boost Your Gamerscore

TheCrapgamer of GamerXchange writes:
A lot of us are really into increasing our Gamerscore by earning Achievements in various games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade. Some games are extremely stingy with handing out the Gamerscore. I admit I like getting an average of 500-600 Gamerscore for every Xbox 360 game I play, sometimes I feel cheated if I get less. The Lego Star Wars games in particular are tougher to get Achievements on, I usually prefer games that can give me the most score with the least amount of time. Keep in mind that the games I’ve chosen in the list can and will get you some fast, easy Gamerscore, but I never said these were actually good games. You might have to suffer for a few hours here or there in order to tough out some of these.

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CrimsonEngage2354d ago

Bonus - Fight Night Round 3. Easy easy.