Top 5 Sonic Games

Sonic has been the star in 60 games and he's had cameos in over 150 games. Everything from racing to adventure games the mascot of Sega has done it all. The big question is what are the top 5 Sonic games and where does Sonic 3D Blast fall on the list?

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TopDudeMan2172d ago

I think sonic 3 and knuckles was a much better game than sonic adventure. Sonic adventure just felt (and still feels) awkward to play. It has bad and sometimes inconsistent controls, pointless adventure maps (when all we wanted to do was play the stages) and it was ridiculously buggy (Oops, I seem to have fallen through the ground and died. Silly me.).

Only thing it had going for it was the music, which was awesome. And yeah, the graphics were good for it's time. But I still think Sonic 3 & Knuckles was - and probably always will be - the best sonic game.

CoryHG2172d ago

You can tell which generation the author is from. Sonic died with Sonic 3D and wasn't the same again. I think 4 should get some recognition. You can't really tie 2, 3, and knuckles together. It should go like this.

1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Have to be combined)
2. Sonic 1
3. Sonic 2
4. Sonic CD
5. Sonic Generations

kingPoS2172d ago

1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (needs to be put on psn ASAP)
2. Sonic Megamix (sega cd cutom rom)
3. Sonic 2
4. Sonic CD
5. Sonic Generations

Venox20082172d ago

Sonic colors Wii & DS are really awesome
Sonic generations is great too
Sonic 1, 2 ,3 , knuckles are awesome
Sonic rush & rush adventure are great

didn't play sonic adventure too much, but maybe I will one day

trenso12171d ago

1.sonic 3 & knuckles
2. Sonic 2
3.sonic CD
4.sonic adventure 1&2
5.Sonic generations
Honorable mention: sonic rivals on psp

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