Lollipop Chainsaw, apparently has a story?

You all remember Lollipop Chainsaw right? That game announced last year in July where that cheerleader Juliet Starling … get’s a chainsaw… and goes on a massacre? … … I don’t know where the lollipops enter either…

But anyway, a lovely valentines trailer has been released, and it shows that the game has a story, your boyfriend Nick has been turned into a zombie (but you have his head) Or something… and… thus, you must have your revenge.

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TronEOL2321d ago

I have a feeling this game is going to be very good. And I usually don't fall for these cheap attention grabbing tactics. I don't feel that way about this one tho.

Will be keeping an eye open.

N311V2321d ago

That was quite surprising. My first thought was "yeah it'll have a crap story". But that trailer was actually good, the dialog had me laughing. I'm now also interested in this game.

mamotte2321d ago

No Grasshopper game has no story. Even if it starts plain and simple (like no more heroes), it somehow manages to get complex and interesting. I dont get why this game would be the exception.