TGH: The Simpsons Arcade Review

"The Simpsons Arcade released twenty years ago in arcades, which – other than making us feel sickeningly old – is no real surprise. The reason why it has finally made the jump to modern consoles is utterly beyond our understanding, especially as there is nothing Simpsons related happening at a similar time; however we put our confusion aside and delved into this 2012 revamp of the title, and honestly found that very little had changed in its ageing years."

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ShadyDevil2349d ago

That is disappointing, maybe now it explains why it is free for PSN+.

lodossrage2347d ago

Doubtful, considering games like Stacking were free on PSN+ the day of release

gigreen2349d ago

I tried the demo and it looks like this game didn't age well at all. No graphical update, just one attack, no combo system. No thanks.