Half-Life 3: What We Want

BnBGaming: Where is Half-Life 3 and when might we see it? The BnB FRT team communicate their hopes and dreams for Valve's conspicuously missing titan.

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LX-General-Kaos2265d ago

I would like for them to wait until next generation for consoles. That way nobody will be forced to suffer due to completely inferior tech. Half Life should not only be a great game, but also a showcase to set the standard for years to come.

360ICE2265d ago

I like that people are starting to say Half-Life 3 and not Half-Life 2 episode 3. Waiting 200 years for 0.4 seconds of gaming seems a little extreme. Bring on the full package is what I say.

Sobari2265d ago

What Valve Wants: For people to shut up about Half-Life 3 already.

h311rais3r2265d ago

They want their primary income to shut up?

Sobari2265d ago

People bitching doesn't make things go faster.

Agent_00_Revan2265d ago

Request #1: release the damn game