MW3 Getting More Prestige Levels?

Did a steam update leak out information about more prestige levels to be added later on in the future? Check out the images and info.


UPDATE #1 A total of 10 additional prestige emblems have been found but Fourzerotwo just confirmed the 5 prestiges! However he only confirmed 5, even though more were added so the image we have has 10, will there be more?

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GraveLord2201d ago

I'm not even half way there yet -_-

Gator_ESG2201d ago

I know so many other games I play can't just no life CoD.

kparks2200d ago

Why dont they make a level system THAT ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING and not just who plays the game the most what a joke the leveling system has been jacked up far too long

chriski3332200d ago

This is just sooooo stupid these lazy assholes can't think of anything new so here u go just prestige some more same crap over and over

Neko_Mega2201d ago

Wow, so the people that use the hacks have to update now? It's sad when the MW2 hacks work on MW3.

I don't care what level people are at, because all it means is that you played it more then most (Or hacked it).

NBT912201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Not always, if one is higher ranked but has less game time, then there is a chance that they are consistently good at the game.

Edit - or hacked it of course, but its usually obvious. The hackers are either level 9 or 10, its the better players who usually finish up on 4/5 or so.

BX812200d ago

Being good at call of duty is off set by poor hit detection and extremely poor hosting lag. When they fix hit detection and get dedicated servers for the consoles then I'll listen to someone talk about skill on cod.

NBT912201d ago

How many is that now? 80?
Because when you unlock everything in the game, it is totally worth loosing it all and unlocking it all over again just for a few pixels.

I suppose, to be fair that is not too much different from starting a new story mode save game to play through a game again. but to me it always looks like people prestiege on COD just for the sake of it, not because they actually want to.

BattleTorn2201d ago

I hate the idea of Prestieging.

Red Dead Redemption had it, and I guess I would "Pretiege" just for the sake of replay.

But in COD it's silly. In my first day on MW3 I think I reach lvl30. Which is ridiculous.

It took me 2months to get to max level in BF3.
Much better leveling system, IMO.

COD just hands "Promotions" on a silver-platter to anyone that can get a kill

NBT912201d ago

Although do remember, in COD the amount of XP you need for the next rank increases each time. So you might get to level 30 quickly but eventually it does start taking a while to plough through the last ranks.

Also, the way you unlock stuff in the game is odd. There is about 50 ranks+ and only 30 or so things to unlock, meaning you go ages without being rewarded other than a new badge lol =D

JaredH2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

It takes about 24 hours of gameplay to prestige or a little less.

But yeah I think it's pointless to do. Especially with higher levels getting unlocks like dead silence that you literally need to be able to run around and do good in modes like search and destroy.

Soldierone2200d ago

What do you mean by max rank in BF3? Just the Eagle? Or actually getting all the way up the ladder completely?

The highest I've seen on BF3 is 73, and he had like a thousand hours put into the game. But their system is so much better. I have 72 hours put in, in rank 2 of the eagle, and am still unlocking stuff. Its not just a random noob weapon, its extra's and getting service stars or medals, it keeps rewarding you and that is awesome.

f7897902200d ago

I never prestiged in Black Ops. Was consistently on the top of the score board.

Gator_ESG2201d ago

Think it might be a fix to the hack as well. Never know somehow adding this will fix it? or show how hacked and when you update your locked?

urwifeminder2201d ago

Give us achievements instead prestige lol if i had to kill 10,000 online id still play.

jeseth2200d ago

Yeah. Online Trophies and Achievements are WAY overdue!

HardCover2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Online achievements are the absolute worst. After a certain amount of time passes, they become literally IMPOSSIBLE to get. If someone chooses to pick this game up 6 years from now and enjoys collecting achievements, then they shouldn't be punished simply because they're late to this particular party.

Developers should stay away from crap like that.

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