A.D.D. Gamers Reviews ‘A Virus Named Tom’ By Misfits Attic

In A.D.D. Gamers’ latest review, I take a look at A Virus Named Tom by Misfits Attic. In this game, you’re a virus whose name is Tom ( who would’ve guessed?). Your main goal is to infect the corporation MegaTech and spread your virus throughout their main frame. Tom was made by the now infamous Dr. X, who brought robot dogs and houses that clean themselves to the City of Tomorrow. You must act your revenge, through Tom, against the evil corporation for firing you, turn the City of Tomorrow back to the Stone Age.

A Virus Named Tom is currently in Beta, but you can pre-order here for half the price. Also, if Misfits Attic hits an unknown number of pre-orders, everyone who did pre-order will receive a second copy for free.

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