She Has Arrived: More Love for Mass Effect 3's Female Shepard

The female version of Commander Shepard has finally been included in the marketing campaign for Mass Effect 3 with a new trailer from BioWare. Adam takes a look and expounds on the love of all for "Femshep."

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hazelamy2259d ago

finally, just shame all they could be bothered to do was throw some cutscenes together.
zero effort, five minutes in the video editor and they're done.

might as well not have bothered.

i knew all this talk of marketing the game with Femshep was just hot air.

stevenhiggster2259d ago

Got to say, I don't really like 'Fem Shep'. I don't have a problem with Female Commander Sheppards but the one they are using doesn't look like a battle hardened space marine, she looks like an emo teenager!
Male Shep looks in his mid to late thirties Fem Shep looks no older than 20. It just aint right.
I'm all for Female Shep's, just not that one.

Vortex3D2259d ago

What happened to the fan voted female Shepard that supposed to be the official face? It's not if I like the fan voted female Shepard but Bioware needs to stick with one official female face. So, now the place we'll see the fan voted female Shepard is on the CE box?

Or is Bioware quietly saying that ME3 face creator engine isn't capable to produce the fan vote female face and have to replace her with another face? Shame on Bioware for going through all the fan voting processes and then drop it coming to the game.