Should release dates be ignored in favour of making better games

Most of us are accustomed to publishers promising a release date that developers can’t always meet. In some cases this doesn’t have too much of an impact on how a game turns out.

In other cases rushing to meet promised release dates results in games riddled with bugs and lacking promised features.

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The_Infected2080d ago

Like Too Human and Duke Nukem? Halo, Gears, and Uncharted didn't take long and they were amazing.

RedDead2080d ago

Linear, short, replayble(due to online) but great.
I'd prefer more than those 3 things in my gaming repertoire. Don't get me wrong, i love those games, it's just, not the only ones I want, and if I was stuck with nothing but those i'd get sick of gaming very quick

fluffydelusions2080d ago

Duke Nukem was a bit different. Development was dropped and then picked up by a different studio some years later.

Ducky2080d ago

Similar thing happened for TooHuman, only they had to drop development to work on other titles.

PirateThom2080d ago

Which shows development time isn't the issue.

Some games with short development times turn out amazing, some turn out awful.

Some games with long development times turn out amazing, some turn out awful.

To me, that indicated making better games isn't limited by time. Talent, management, ability.

pangitkqb2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I still think time is a factor even though I do agree with your points, PirateThom. Fifty talented people allotted two years for a project (by a publisher/stockholder) better fit for 100 will still accomplish great things, but not as good as if their dev period was pushed to three years.

Management talent and ability are truly big factors, but I don't feel they completely eliminate the impact of schedule. The question then, in my opinion, is valuable. Should a good game be delayed to make it a great game? I would say so, but the business world is, of course, a different beast than the artistic one.

wicko2080d ago

You can't really say that time isn't the issue - it is the issue, along with the other things you mentioned, plus the one big thing you forgot to mention which is money.

It can't be narrowed down to a single problem, there are many factors in a games poor/excellent performance.

TheSleepyGamer2080d ago

Too Human wasn't horrible, at least I didn't mind it. Duke Nukem had its own issues through the fifteen year development cycle. There is such a thing as too long and Duke Nukem Forever definitely reached that point.

Also, FPS games aren't the best example since for the most part they are very linear and should take less time to 'perfect'.

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StrongMan2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

The greatest game of this generation took only two years to make.

Uncharted 2


U mad bro?

TheSleepyGamer2080d ago

The greatest game of this generation in YOUR opinion.

h311rais3r2080d ago

U uncharted fangirls are worse than the appleheads -.-

t0mmyb0y2080d ago

This is why Valve only put out QUALITY games.

wicko2080d ago

I think L4D2 was pretty rushed - good game but that needed a lot more content than it had.

t0mmyb0y2080d ago

I never really cared for L4D. I'd guess M$ had something to do with the rush. Look at any Half Life game, or Portal. They release it when it's ready.

peeps2080d ago

As mentioned, time spent on a game does not = how good it will be. I think there needs to be some sort of date to work towards else developers would constantly be adding and changing things, not to mention they need to release the game eventually in order to make money... Playing video games may be fun but it's still a business and job for those involved in making a game

NBT912080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

These days, they generally seem to be ignored any way.
I do understand it though, its not as easy as shooting a film and saying "It will be done by this time." Because with games, just because something is done, doesn't mean it is actually going to work and be bug / glitch free.

It looks bad for the company if they continuously miss dates etc, but as a gamer I personally don't really mind and can totally see why it happens.

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