Time To Open Up Xbox Live

The Xbox Live service has always been a source of pride for Microsoft, with a recent press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas announcing that 40 million users are now connected to Xbox Live, an impressive number for a console with 66 million units sold.

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zeal0us2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

As long as M$ is getting paid they don't care and won't change. Same goes for Activision, Capcom and some other companies. The only way M$ would change its policy if a lot of big-name companies came out against it altogether and at one time.

lorianguy2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Well put. Microsoft is a business afterall and if people are paying, they won't object to that. However if a lot of people stop paying, they'll make it free to get them back.

As you said, it's the same for pretty much any business - aka Lower Customers = Lower prices/prices that match or beat competitors to draw them back in.

iistuii2227d ago

If you've got over 40 million users paying, as a business why would you suddenly make it free ? Now if people dont like it there's an alternative in the PS3 yet to my knowledge the 360 is still drawing in the customers, & that's with a paying online service. So I can't ever see it changing. As for big companies coming against them, they are more likely to side with them especially if the used game rumour is true.

dedicatedtogamers2227d ago

IMO, subscriptions should be on a game-to-game basis. I forget the exact number, but Activision said last year that somewhere around 80% of Xbox Live subscriptions are used to play one of the Call of Duty games online. Okay, so just have a "premium" online subscription for that game series, Microsoft can take a bit of extra cash off the top, and other online games can be played for free.

That's how PC is. Most every PC game is free to play online, but you pay a subscription for those few games (mostly MMOs) that require extra features (servers) to maintain the online community.

Tacklebait2227d ago

Being a xbox enthusiast, this was an eye opening article on the limitations that my paid subscription brings.

Sadly I see the comments quickly turning into the typical ps3/xbox 360 which is better thread.

nirwanda2227d ago

Your right live is limited in this way i think if they relaxed the dlc charges alittle there would be alot more free dlc from publishers, and the only way we could get an mmo would be from ms themselves.

LX-General-Kaos2227d ago

This site has way too much hate. Maybe someone should write something positive for once.

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KMCROC542226d ago

The world will end before MS fully opens Xboxlive to anything or one.they may open a small hole but thats about it .

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