Tablet Controllers…..You Mean Xbox Handheld, Right?

PushStartSelect: "Rumors have surfaced yet again regarding the next Xbox and this time the rumors go big. The next Xbox will supposedly have a tablet like controller, what are the odds of that? This isn't great news as a gamer, unless you look at the other possibility. "

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aceitman2323d ago

y not can it be like the dreamcast but bigger .

LX-General-Kaos2323d ago

this is about a handheld device. not a controller. Im sure there wont be a Microsoft 3DS coming out anytime soon.

jizzyjones2323d ago

I think it will just be 1 of 3 ways to control the neXt boX, kinect2/normal controller/tablet, tablet for on the go media ect and most likely on a simular version of windows8 OS across all platforms.

StrongMan2323d ago

If MS announced a handheld the media would fall in love with handhelds again.

Ace_Pheonix2323d ago

U.S. media you mean. Nobody outside of the U.S. gives a shit about Microsoft outside of their work with PCs. I'm not sure how far MS sends their money bags.

coolbeans2322d ago

The 360's been the best selling UK console since the Kinect was released. If you would've narrowed your statement down to 'Not many in Japan' instead of "Nobody outside of the U.S." then someone might actually consider having a serious conversation with you.

Edward752323d ago

It would make sense for MS to tie in say a bundle with whatever the nexbox will be with this as an optional controller. Much like an expensive add on with vita like abilities. Would you pay 700 dollars for 2 "systems" at launch? Many would. I could see this being a big plus. Remember how many sku's 360 had at launch. Nexbox system only, say 399. Nexbox with handheld system 650. It could definatly work. IMO vita will slowly be a success, it makes sense that MS will jump in to get a piece of the pie. This would also give them the ability to have a foot in the door on the handheld / market if it had not just nexbox compatibility, but had features like tablets. Lastly, if as strong as an Xbox 360, able to play xbla titles already purchased... The sky is the limit. I believe this is a great idea.

blumatt2322d ago

You really believe people would pay $700 USD for the Xbox 720 and a tablet? That's crazy. lol Not many people would even do that for the PS4 and a Vita combo.

I just hope they make the Xbox 720 controller like the 360's, perhaps with a small-ish screen, but not overboard big like the Wii U screen. The Wii U controller is too big and gawky.

h311rais3r2322d ago

Several people paid 600 for the ps3 on launch........

Edward752322d ago

I don't know, remember the different sku part. Say nex gen systems are 350-400 (who knows for sure). Microsoft could definitely support a tablet at a similar price. I'm not saying that this will be a controller, more like a separate thing. Seeing how I would be very interested in it, I'm sure some others are. And I am a big vita supporter, first edition bundle in 4 days! BUT, it really would make sense to use the nexbox to help usher in a tablet/handheld. Who knows, we'll wait and see.

blumatt2322d ago

Yeah, I guess that's very true. The PS3 sold at $600 by itself, but even still I can't see people paying $700. lol That would be crazy. haha

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