The Soul Still Burns: The best of classic Soulcalibur music [Video Game Hangover]

Got Soulcalibur fever? Look back at some of the best music from over a decade of souls and swords.

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MWH2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

how come you missed "Infinite Images" from SCIV and no Soul Edge music?! good list nonetheless, Junichi Nakatsuru is a top class music composer, his music gave life to the series.

also, Keiki Kobayashi made a success with the fantastic Twilight Dwellers.

"Hubris" and "Hubris Reprise", Mitsurugi's theme, are incredible. it also woul've been nice if you mentioned which characters each theme belongs to.

thanks for the goods.

vghangover2347d ago

"Infinite Images" is really good, although I might have gotten a bit tired of it since I spent so much time in character creation. I sadly never played Soul Edge but people have mentioned it so much that I'll include some tracks in a future Namco music post. (Got to get in some Tekken as well!)

Thanks for your comments!