6 Amazing PSV Features

Near: This is what I think will be one of the best and unique features that the PSV will offer. Near let's you see who is playing and what they're playing within a 10 mile radius. Also, Wip3out let's you drop a challenge on a location for somebody else to pick it up and challenge it. Then you will be notified if somebody picks up your challenge and if they beat it. More ideas like this in the future, developers!

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Luc202169d ago

I like this near feature. I wonder how many vitas will be in my area.

suicidalblues2169d ago

Dropping a challenge sounds cool as hell! Imagine the crazy places you might be and see a challenge pop up.

NellyNel_7_1_32169d ago

hey do anybody know if the ps vita will have video chat since it have front camera and back camera?

Waddy1012169d ago

It will have skype at some point so i guess so.

NellyNel_7_1_32169d ago

ok... I hope the wifi version get this video chat as well... I know the 3g model will have it for sure...

grailly2169d ago

cool, I didn't know about the wi-fi tethering, even though I didn't pre-order a 3G model, I can still have a connection anywhere