Red Dead Redemption : Is Dead for PC ? reports: "I've seen it over and over again, in at the Rockstar Gaming events and occassionally in posts on Rockstar News Wire to fans looking for answers about RDR for PC. That message being Rockstar Games has no current plans to bring Red Dead Redemption to PC. They never say exactly why, but an educated guess from me would be the functionality of the game for PC. E.G. the player mechanics for shooting, rolling, Dead Eye aiming and expert aiming might be to easy or hardder with a mouse."

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CrimsonEngage2228d ago

PC gamers still going on about this? If you want it bad enough you will buy a console. You should have a console anyways. You can't call yourself a real gamer unless you have all platforms to start with.

I have all platforms thus I get to enjoy EVERY GAME. No crying from me because so and so game isn't on so and so platform.

Bring the heat i'v got my special flame "retard-ant" suit on.

-MD-2228d ago

"You can't call yourself a real gamer unless you have all platforms to start with."


Rageanitus2228d ago

I'm a gamer..... got rid of my wii (waste of money IMO).

I don't have the move or kinect..... I guess I am not a gamer /s

3GenGames2228d ago

*Has over 300 NES games, my own NES game, 400 Atari, 100 N64+SNES combined, and isn't even a gamer*

Sure thing man.

KING852227d ago

Sorry, but I respectfully disagree as I don't see why you need to have all gaming platforms to be a "real gamer". Perhaps one may need another console platform, but all may not serve any useful purpose as you would only be buying to play maybe one game or preferred exclusive(s). It depends on the persons taste and if I was a PC gamer I'm not going to buy a console for one game. At the end of the day I believe it was a business decision and they decided it may not be profitable to use resources to port it to the PC.

Agent-862227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

"It depends on the persons taste and if I was a PC gamer I'm not going to buy a console for one game." Very true. I'm a PC gamer, but I ended up buying a console as a "sidekick" so I wouldn't miss out on console only games (Red Dead Redemption was one of those games). I went with the PS3 because I liked it's lineup of exclusives better than the 360. Plus, since my console is only a "sidekick", I didn't want to pay MS $50 a year for the privilege to play the occasional console game online. So far, the PC and PS3 has been a great gaming combo. Looking forward to Twisted Metal later this month.

opinska2227d ago

yeah? so I assume u got wii, ps3, 360, psvita, and pc?
If so you gotta be a rich [email protected] mofo. Not everyone have so much money to spend on games and game platforms, that's why people tend to stick to the best console that they think have the best games; or get a good pc.

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Rageanitus2228d ago

it's ok...... games from rock* tend to feel that are games made for consoles!. Never liked the GTA series on the pc.

PC games are meant more for FPS, RTS, and complex RPGS.

kevnb2228d ago

the pc audience is broader than that, r* games of today might do best on console but it doesnt mean nobody playing on pc would like them. Thats like not making ps3 versions of certain games because the 360 version will sell much more.

Rageanitus2227d ago

my point is if you really wanted to play these games.... you would have aleady owned the console to play them...

Its like waiting and expecting mario to be n the pc.

RedDeadLB2228d ago

Plus, their PC developing skills are.. how should I put it gently.. Horrible?

kevnb2228d ago

thats because they get some other team under the umbrella to port the pc versions.

bahabeast2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

its ok 2 be a pc gamer but IMO the best games are on consoles soo buy one or 2 and have best of three worlds

no offence but wii dnt count cud borrow one

pandehz2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

If they never wanted to make RDR on PC lets leave it that way.

We dont need another unoptimised shoddy port like GTAIV was. Soon they'll be saying RDR needs 16 gb ram and 2 i7 processors lol.

Who remembers GTAIV's terrible performance even on the best computers?

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