Developers should listen to their fans

The difference between Portal's success and Sonic's failure hinges on one thing: listening to fans. Why is it so hard for studios to communicate with a fan base who is so willing to talk?

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roblef2228d ago

Maybe not just "listening to fans," but more along the lines of being responsive to the overwhelming majority of your fanbase when THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING.

Pushagree2228d ago

The problem is that gamers only think they know what they want and change their minds on a whim.

Here is a classic example.

Last gen:We are tired of sequels. Bring some new ips out.
This gen:We are tired of new ips and want old sequels back.

morkendo232228d ago

Developers should listen to their fans

NO SHIT!! we would'nt have crapy ass games if they did.

IaMs122228d ago

They read what we say and the HEAR us but they don't actually listen. Very few i've seen or noticed that actually do something what the community asks for or wants.

I realize we as a community on the internet probably are not the majority who buy your game but
we take our time though to come to sites and give devs feedback, in which we dont have to do, we choose too. We are the ones who actually care developers.

I_Guts_I2228d ago

Ya your so right! that worked so well with MW2! /sarcasm

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Nakerman2228d ago

I'm sure the Sonic fans wanted the Werehog, didn't they?...

smashcrashbash2228d ago

You mean the whiny people that NEVER stop crying no matter what you do? The same fans that told Insomniac to change Resistance and then cried more when they did and cried again when they changed it back? The same people who have no idea what they really want at all? Yeah, right.

lorianguy2228d ago

Well, they're the people with the cash, so the developers don't really have a choice.

Zentrix2228d ago

I don't know about that smash, not every fanbase is out of touch with what will really make a game better. Socom 4 for instance was a really bad game because the developers decided it would be best to make the franchise more fast pace like call of duty, instead of sticking to what them unique, which the fans constantly asked for.

smashcrashbash2228d ago

So you really believe that if they had done otherwise that people would have been satisfied completely? That no one would find another reason to complain or gripe? You have much more faith in this gen's gamers then I do i'll give you that

Berserk2228d ago

Have you played that SHIT? You are comparing it to Cod? lol

lorianguy2228d ago

As much as I like(d) Sonic, Sega have (metaphorically) killed him with the releases of the recent games. I used to enjoy the classic side-scroller and thought Heroes was a good move, but the hover board games were awful, and it just got worse from there :(

Generations is a promising title though.

MySwordIsHeavenly2228d ago

If you haven't played Generations, PLEASE do. It's fantastic! The 3D is some of the best available also.

lorianguy2228d ago

Well if it's as good as you say it is then I'll quite happily play it :)

Hopefully it will help Sonic get back onto my good side after his many more disappointing games.

Anyway, I'm going to town tomorrow so I'll pick it up then. Thanks!

gigreen2228d ago

The reason why so many subpar games are released is because people buy them. They might complain, but still open their wallets, so why should publishers listen?

Fans need to understand that their wallets speak louder than bitching on the internet.

bozebo2228d ago

Return policies are a bit crappy though...

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