FIFA Soccer: The Best Vita Launch Title?

Chris Buffa (Modojo): For many, it is a foregone conclusion that Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be the premier launch game for Sony's PlayStation Vita, and for good reason. The franchise continues to captivate fans the world over, and this new entry puts the system's most touted features on display. By all accounts, sales should meet and then exceed expectations.

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KongRudi2352d ago

I've not liked a soccer-game, since Sensible Soccer on the Amiga.
But this version of Fifa have definately peaked my interest, with the new shooting and passing features.

waltyftm2352d ago

Sensi soccer was amazing.

TopDudeMan2352d ago

I have to be that guy... sorry. *piqued*

farhad2k82352d ago

Played it at GAME, got shocked at how good the graphics was, fell and fainted. True story.

peeps2352d ago

I actually thought it was pretty good when I tried it and was pleasantly surprised by the touch controls, especially the rear pad for shooting. Fifa's always been a game I just play for clubs with mates though so not the game for me at launch, still for Fifa fans it's a worthwhile buy if your getting a vita

growlancer72352d ago

Football crazy, chocolate mad, grab FIFA Soccer and play football with the lads. :-)

younglj012352d ago

Lol dude as an DBZ fan AWESOME profile pic....

bub for you

Pilgrimsoul2352d ago

this is just the sort of game that will eventualy make me open my wallet im going to wait a little while maybe uk summer to pay for vita.

archemides5182352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

this better be on us psn day one or pre-day one

i would expect it from what they first announced about vita games, but in the new "welcome to vita" video they mentioned (specifically) that all "first party" games will be on the store day and date......didn't say all

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