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The saying goes that the third time's a charm, and that's just the case with UFC Undisputed 3. Instead of sticking to the usual annual release, THQ took some extra time to insure UFC 3 was the best video game representation of the MMA sport to date. The most important mechanic to nail in these games is the fluidity of fighting and maintaining controls that are simple enough to use without getting frustrated. New comers to the franchise are still going to need some time with the game to get comfortable, but those that have been around since the first game should be able to jump right into the action.

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UltimaEnder2349d ago

Couldn't agree more, great game!

LaurenKB1232349d ago

Will be picking this up ASAP...

UncannyValley2349d ago

I'm glad I passed on MMA Supremacy. Probably won't be picking this up, but after reading the review I'm definitely stopping at Red Box soon

gigreen2349d ago

What now, EA fanboys? UFC is still the king of mma games :)