RipTen: Tecmo’s Dead or Alive 5 Kicks High, Crumbles Beautifully (Hands-On)

Ninja Gaiden wasn’t the only thing that Tecmo Koei was showing off this week. As you may know, gamers are poised to get their hands on Dead or Alive 5 for the first time with pre-orders of Ryu Hayabusa’s third adventure, or in the Ninja Gaiden 3′s Collectors’ Edition.

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jaredhart2079d ago

Sounds like it'll be awesome.

Nostradavis2078d ago

Hmm. I've never played this series. BUT the bonus makes it a....nah I still won't pick it up.

Emessai2078d ago

Having recently picked up SoulCalibur V I'm not sure I want another 3D fighter. Also, I have a feeling this one'll still be too juggly for me.

greeneggsnsam2078d ago

I agree, it seems they always come out all at the same time and we get tired of it.

BlackjackCF2078d ago

I've never really tried out the Dead or Alive series. I might pick it up...

hazardman2078d ago

Dead or Alive 3 was what made me buy the 1st Xbox, after seeing a buddy of mine playing it. I've enjoyed everyone. Awesome stages and presentation.