Lower The Prices of Games On Demand

The Controller Online writes about how the overpriced Xbox Live Games on Demand section isn't helping the publishers fight on used games.

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gotgame19852353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

they really do need to lower the price for some of the games, I think newer games should be 39$. but once they have been on their for a year they should be no more then 19$. there is no excuse for a digital game to cost more then 49 bucks and even that is pushing it.

O yea unless I have a completely different Xbox live the last I checked the only game for 49 bucks is halo reach. but I will go and recheck. I know for sure Alan Wake isn't 49$

peteonline2353d ago

In the US and UK it does appear to be $29, but in Canada it is $49, so we can add regional inconsistency to the list of its problems.

hellvaguy2353d ago

At the very least, digital downloads need to match the price of retail. Realistically, they shud be cheaper, but they shouldnt ever exceed them.

Yomaster2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Good article with some excellent points. Good point on the used game sales. It might be hard to appeal this to those players who don't have larger HDD's, though.

I agree, the prices of games on demand are downright ludicrous. I think $49.99 is a reasonable price for a new release in digital form, but I would probably still want to buy a real, tangible disc for $59.99 if it was a game I was a big fan of. Older games should probably be set at or slightly above current street/used value.

However, if new release games on demand were $44.99, and included their Online Passes, etc., I would probably be sold. Charging the same price of the case/disc/etc. for a game in digital form is robbery.


To me when a game is DL then the consumer should be seeing a $10 to $15 saving. It just seems a litte wrong to pay full price when you don't get a

Sander_Noordijk2353d ago

Pricing is still the biggest problem our industry has to deal with. Apart from being ridiculously more expensive On Demand, it seems absurd that you pay more for less value (i.e. no box and manuals). Hopefully the promise of PS Vita will come true that games will be (much) cheaper when downloaded.