Welcome to the PS Vita: New Video

PlayStation’s Senior VP and Senior Director of Handhelds show you what to expect from PS Vita when it launches on February 22nd

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ftwrthtx2200d ago

Have any Canadians received theirs yet?

Shikoro2200d ago

I read on GAF that a few of them started getting their Vita. Why doesn't everyone break street dates? XD

ftwrthtx2200d ago

I wish they all would, damnit! lol

Liefx2200d ago

I get mine on the 15th and I'm pissed I can't get 3G. I have to buy this one, sell it later and re-buy the 3G model when it comes out.

Yangus2200d ago
Very cool and nice console,buty not buy yet.Why?High price and not games.Many port.

Drekken2200d ago

I will not read your comments anymore.Why?Bad grammar.Many error.Obvioustrololol.

BX812200d ago

@Drekken that pure sweetness! LOL. Sadly though I cancelled my pre order of Uncharted and the vita. Not because I think it's not going to do well or drop in price anytime soon but I just can't justify to myself buying it now and then again when the slimmer version comes out. I'm gonna wait this one out even though Uncharted is calling to me. Can't wait till they realease the slimmer version.

MasterCornholio2200d ago

If this device had Nintendos name on it you would be singing a different tune. Just because you can't afford it doesn't mean that it isn't a good deal. Just compare the Vita to the 3DS when it was originally priced at 250€ and you know what I mean.



jaymart2k2200d ago

PS Vita needs a memory card. The 3DS comes with a memory card & charge dock.

PS Vita memory $20 & $15 charge dock. So PS Vita is really $35 more.

extermin8or2200d ago

@jaymark tbh look at the tech in a vita for it's price though as far as I can see it's got better processor etc than an ipad yet it's half the price: also instead of people going on about nintendo and sony's pricing look at apple etc and their insanely high prices that no one seems to really question so much and drones go to buy like clockwork every year....?

tiffac0082200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

The Vita already comes with a charger. You can even charge the Vita via USB.

So you can scratch that $15 off your price because you don't need a dock for it.

Neo Nugget2200d ago

What do you want them to say?

"Yeah, I mean, the Vita hardware is alright and we have some decent games coming soon, but you guys don't have to jump on board yet if you don't want to. It's cool if you wait a few years."

I just...*sigh*

Sevir2200d ago

:-) I hate ATT but Damn! That was really indepth and totally well explained! I can not wait to pick mine up next week!

ftwrthtx2200d ago

The 3g model seems to be the better deal, really. With GPS only available on this model, there's no way I could see getting the wifi only model.

jaymart2k2200d ago

Iphone teather, nuff said

tarbis2200d ago

Yes, buy a $599 and above iphone just to TETHER. Clever, Genius, Bravo, Hooray!

jaymart2k2198d ago

Iphone 4S is $199 with 2 yr contract. Get your numbers right & my message was for those who have the Iphone.

So congrats, you just made those who disagreed feel stupider.

tarbis2198d ago

And how much will the 2 yr contract cost you? Congrats, you only counted cost of the iphone 4s w/o the cost of the contract. Clever, Genius, Bravo, Hooray!
I'm sure those who disagreed know better math than you do.

tiffac0082198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )


Bro you pay for the contract, its not free. So $199 + contract, its the same with the Vita if you go 3G but then again there's the WiFi version and they both have Skype.

growlancer72200d ago

When John Koller was listing out the types of games that can be downloaded from PSN, he didn't say PS1 games. :-(

Ddouble2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

That will come along with PS Suite.

I'm also hoping for PSN games. Malicious is coming out on the Vita so I'm hoping Journey will too. It will look stunning on that screen.

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