VGChartz Report: Americas Sales for the Week Ending December 15th, 2007

The Americas weekly data for the week ending December 15th, 2007 was just posted on the front page. Heading into the very heart of the Christmas sales period, sales were generally up. One glaring exception though – Wii – saw greatly decreased sales from the previous week in the Americas.

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Violater3596d ago

this is all good news for us here that are getting commission on sales.

MK_Red3596d ago

As the article says, "For Midway's Sake" UT3 should have long legs or Midway is doomed. They have no big release in near future and their top franchises are long from finished (Namely MK8 and Blitz Next-gen).

felman873596d ago

probably would've done better with some marketing. I'm sure EU PS3 owners will enjoy it though

DJ3596d ago

and practically non-existant. Maybe they should have considered making a PSN Demo?

NextGen24Gamer3596d ago

If it would have released on the xbox 360 it would be at 500k easy in a week or two.....What are ps3 owners buying? Thats one game that I would think Ps3 owners would be excited to get....WOW.....Well, I think developers are learning their lesson....Spending all that time and money for a measily 69k. One of the greatest fps franchises of all time and thats all it does. I have rented it for my ps3 but I'm waiting for the 360 version. Playing games like that with friends is what its all about. All my friends have 360's....and after playing it...I can bet that the 360 version will be visually superior to it. I could care less about the mod stuff...though I'm sure Epic and MS will come to a common ground on it.

power of Green 3596d ago

Yah we should wait for the Japanese numbers for URT3?. lol

URT3 could flop yet Patcher thinks xbox games are going to PS3. lol

OatLoops3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Yeah right, if Mass Effect didn't even sell 500k in a little more than a week, I doubt this would. The 360 is already oversaturated with awesome AAA fps games. 69k a week is okay for PS3, I'm guessing it's gonna have a better debut than Uncharted (guessing > 200k) for December.

felman873596d ago

"What are ps3 owners buying?"
"I have rented it for my ps3 but I'm waiting for the 360 version"
Maybe they're doing what you're doing.

stee1563596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

You guys do realize that there was a limited release of UT3 right? The release date was sooner then they expected. Morons

DJ3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

EliteGamer's making it out as if the first week sales are all that matter (or in this case, accidental early release?). Heavenly Sword was accused of being a flop, but it's sold 600K units so far (as has Ratchet and Clank: Future), and Uncharted is well on its way to 700K copies sold.

It's just like the film market. Some movies have spectacular debuts, but only some of those actually end up making a profit, while others start small and end big. Hell, it took three weeks for Wedding Crashers to actually gain popularity, and sales just shot up for another 8 weeks. New Line was like "Whoa, crap. We almost pulled the plug on that one too."

It's easy to judge game titles solely by sales figures, but the truth of the matter is that sales are almost never representative of quality: just look at Madden 2008. As a PS3/Xbox(1)/PS2 fan, i'm more interested in how good these games are than how someone interprets their sales.

Cyrus3653596d ago

Umm you do realize in 1 week, PS3 UTIII sales out sold UTIII sales on PC. And this game was born on the PC, and is made for PC more so than consoles, especially with all it's mod capabilities.

As well, there has been zero advertisement, I guess epic was hoping for Word of mouth, and reviews to get the word out.

Sony is to blame as well, they (PAid?) or got UT III Exclusive over 360 for time frame, yet they haven't done any join advertisement. Hell I see PS3 commercials for Call of Duty 4, and AC, but so far nothing on UT 3. One thing Msoft did was market the hell out of Gear of War, remember how many times those commercials were run, with mad world music?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3596d ago

Guess their waiting on the fantasy SDF numbers to come in.

WilliamRLBaker3596d ago

maybe thats because like the sonyfanboys like to point out...on the console halo gets amazing scores....on the pc it does not....and why? because 12 FPS are released every month on the PC its an artform their the PC version of UT3 is crap compared it what is available and the game was created on the ps3 first...its geting bad scores on the PC because of this....If it had been made for the 360....and came out on it? 1 million sales in a week....

lawman11083596d ago

NOT game systems. Gamers buy the 360 as the software sales show, the 360 sells 40 games for every one PS3 game and that is just a fact.

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HarryEtTubMan3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Good sales for all... Im so glad the PS3 sales are doing way better!

Bro dont worry about UT3... The PS3 is gonna have about 8-9 millin sellers by early 2008... they already have 4 with 5 getting really close....People are just now realizing its coming out lol. UT3 will do good. Im getting it in a couple days

Bro ur such a pathetic loser.... u dont know anything hahaha. This is one little chart... LETS BE HONEST.... The PS3 is gonna outsell the junkbox AGAIN this wekka dn month REGARDLESS.... HOW DO U FEEL ABOUT THAT HAHAHAHAHAHA.

felman873596d ago

not really that big deal. It's like getting excited when 360 beat PS3 for one week in Japan

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