Superstore, Toys R Us, Walmart Canada Gaming Deals: Week of February 10th – 16th

Yet another lacklustre week for these three retailers. Really, the only place to go this week is Toys R Us as they have buy one get one half off on all $19.99 video games.

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Friendly_fiend2174d ago

wen the vita is released does anyone want 2 start a conga line?

TrendyGamers2174d ago

Are you that excited for it?

Friendly_fiend2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

they announced it on 29 jan 2011 its been a year and i want it so badly

TrendyGamers2174d ago

Ah, I have a feeling it might be a one man conga line.

TrendyGamers2173d ago

Yeah, Future Shop probably has the best deals and EB Games has a lot of price drops.

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