Alan Wake - PC vs X360 Comparison Video

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member, ‘shinnntube’, went ahead and made a comparison video between the PC and the X360 version. Although the preview version does not include all the re-touched textures that Remedy has added to the game, we can clearly see a better terrain and environment on the PC. Alan Wake’s coat also looks better than the one found in the X360 and generally speaking, there is a noticeable improvement in the game’s graphics. Alan Wake PC is slated for a February 16th release. Enjoy!"

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TheXgamerLive2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

I'm glad they worked two years later to improve it. That also shows what the engine will do with Alan Wake American Nightmare when it releases feb. 22nd 2012. I can't wait.

Great story, it really draws you in. I played this on nightmare difficulty and damn was it hard.

I'm cringing but hopeful what Silent Hill Downpour will bring next month.

EVILDEAD3602351d ago

Good post..yeah I still havent revisted for Nightmare difficulty. I still want to play the DLC before I get to Amaerican Nightmare.

Alan and Dead Space are the best Best new survival horror game IPs this gen.


TheXgamerLive2351d ago

Yea, i re-did nightmare difficulty on Alan Wake and apocolyptic mode on Darksiders and had a blast.
I'm one of those that refuses to look at a walkthrough or cheat/hint I dont care how long it takes.
I agree, Dead Space is also an incredible series.

I have Silent Hill downpour, Mass Effect 3 pre ordered, and will buy Alan Wake A.N. Great gaming next couple 3 months.
What's on your list.

EVILDEAD3602351d ago

'I have Silent Hill downpour, Mass Effect 3 pre ordered, and will buy Alan Wake A.N. Great gaming next couple 3 months.
What's on your list.' might want to sit down

I literally bought so many games from Sep to December that I could probably game heavy for easily the next 5 months straight.

I got through Gears once..but now want to replay it in 3D

Started but Didn't finish Rage, Batman Arkham, Rage, Dead Island etc.

Wanted to finally dig into Bastion and Torchlight etc.

Anyways my gaming life completly took an immediate and permanant detour with a small little game called Skyrim. I don't have time to game as hard as I want, but even when I get time, I'll literally spend a 8-9 hour session on the game and still scream for more.

This will change as I'm like you will lose every molecule of my life to Mass Effect 3.

As of today, I have made the decicion to replay Mass Effect 2 and rectify some *cough* mistakes I made during the campaign.

But, I will also be playing Alan Wake: American Nightmare late at night on the weekend like I did the first for the full effect. Try Alan after midnight with one of those expensive headsets (ie. Turtle Beach etc.) and you will TRULY understand how intense that game is.

But, my sleeper for 2012 is 'I am Alive' which is also arriving this month.

I have high hopes that Downpour turns out well..but I would cry screams joy if somehow someway I could replay the very first SH in they are doing 2 & 3.

But, you are right it is a great first quarter and I still havent mentioned that I will try soehow to get to the new Final Fantasy and Kingdoms at some point

Life is so good


BattleTorn2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

And I thought that it looked good on Xbox 360, when I played it.

Good thing I just purchased a gaming-PC; I might have to replay this.

BlackTar1872352d ago

yea I am going to be playing this again for sure on PC

PetitPiPi2352d ago Show
BlackTar1872351d ago

Yea i think this goes on steam on 2/13 or something just a heads up to who ever is hoping to get this as DD

john22352d ago

Will definitely give the PC version a go

Tomonobu Itagaki2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Too bad Alan Wake is just as repetitive as the first Assassin's Creed and as linear as Duke Nukem Forever.

OpenGL2352d ago

Really wish the video wasn't so compressed and only 720p.

JONESY62352d ago

360 version looks better. its got better fog and blur effects. the PC version doesn't look cinematic at all.... its just so..... bland.

Mrmagnumman3572352d ago

hahaha!!!! Your cracking me up! ..... wait, you were joking right ?

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