Psychonauts 2 could happen if Double Fine's Kickstarter hits $20MM

DSOGaming writes: "Imagine that. Double Fine’s Kickstarter has hit over 1 million dollars in less than a day for an adventure game. Double Fine have achieved their goal and since there are still 32 days, a lot of gamers began wondering a simple question; what would it take for Tim and his team to create Psychonauts 2? Would a possible increase of Double Fine’s Kickstarter revenue help fund it? According to Schafer, yes."

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-Mika-2171d ago

Omg 20 million. I always though games cost 1-2 million to make. Games really are expensive to make today

Snookies122171d ago

Yeah, they've gone through the roof since HD graphics were introduced... lol

bozebo2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )


It's mostly art/model assets and environment creation that take up the bulk of employee time since the dawn of this generation so a big rise in costs is expected but the likes of 60m for games like APB just doesn't make sense (doesn't even use a proprietary engine lol).

Luckily though, costs shouldn't go up any more next gen as artists are already creating assets of extremely high quality that are scaled down to run in realtime. However if a game has masses of unique environmental content that could increase development time (in man hours - art/deisgn/QA - and therefore cost of development), and without the DVD limitation any more there will be more games with more unique environmental space.

Another, saddening, reason for increased costs is the changing business model - as more suits realise there is money to be made they worm their way into the industry to bleed it try. Realtime Worlds for example (a good example of this kind of failure) had about 5 layers of management, none of which had anything to do with making the game. Guess what they all still have highly paid jobs since the company closed and the actual workforce are stuck making facebook/ipad games for a living.

PetitPiPi2171d ago

You think they`re expensive to make now? Wait for next gen games. Ouch!

Neo Nugget2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Errr, they couldn't really just go and say "Hey! We made a shit load of money! Instead of making what we said we'd make, let's make a different game instead!"

I know everybody and their little baby sister wants Psychonauts 2, but they can't just...change the entire project like that right now. Let's just let them make their point-and-click a damn good one.

john22171d ago

The minus $1MM is obviously for the point-n-click adventure game. In other words, if they hit $20MM, $19MM would go to Psychonauts 2 and $1MM to the point n click adventure.

Snookies122171d ago

Then everyone wins! Lol, I never played Psychonauts though... D: