A Trip Down Nightmare Lane: The Twisted Metal Retrospective

GR writes: "What's better than cars, guns, and explosions? That's likely what David Jaffe was thinking when he came up with Twisted Metal nearly two decades ago. What once would be considered a demented idea has spawned a series of vehicular combat video games that have lasted over 16 years, entertaining millions in the process. To show our respect for the longest-running PlayStation exclusive, we've decided to take a trip back down memory lane just in-time for the the next release coming this month, recalling some of the series' most explosive moments while we're at it."

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dbjj120882320d ago

Totally cool look back on the series.

doctorstrange2320d ago

Great read, TM always got the cold shoulder in Europe so I missed the earlier titles.

JonnyBigBoss2320d ago

I'm so excited for Twisted Metal on PS3. You know it's going to be fun to play, and the multi-player is probably going to be the best since LittleBigPlanet. Guns + explosions + cars = YES, PLEASE!

T3mpr1x2320d ago

The first game in this series I ever played was Twisted Metal 2. I just remember it being really HARD to my 7 year-old self.

TheLastGuardian2320d ago

I don't agree with everything but, overall that was a great retrospective. I was gonna play some PS3 games today but, now I just feel like playing some good old Twisted Metal.

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