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"SoulCalibur V has the series at odds. It’s a competent fighter, yes, but nothing about it really screams “must-have” unless you are a diehard SoulCalibur fan."

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dbjj120882322d ago

I picked this up regardless of review scores. My soul still burns.

Sev2322d ago

Ya know, I get that Ivy has huge knockers and all, but for F's sake, she's like 50 years old in Soulcalibur V. There's no way her breasts are still that perky. Those suckers should be hanging down to her belly button being so large.

I'm talking about the pic, BTW.

T3mpr1x2322d ago

Lol I agree. They aren't nearly as pronounced in the game, as is the case with all the females in SCV.

doctorstrange2322d ago

Loose belly button tits would make for an awesome weapon in a fighting game. Come on Namco!

Tanir2322d ago

she doesnt age -_-. she is immortal like her father lol. don't u guys even know anything about sc? :3

JonnyBigBoss2322d ago

A great fighter to kick-off 2012, that's for sure.

P.S. Nice picture. :0

chadwarden2322d ago

I did not come here because of the picture. ;)

Baka-akaB2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Beforehands , not pointing out the review at hands here , it's so far , quite fine all things compared , just going off on a general matter and tangent .

And i dont mind the score , but i find it mightily odd and hypocrite that so many outlets are nitpicking over issues that SCV probably indeed got , but are present in spades in every other franchises .

Especially the issue of SP , when even if subpar , SCV is the only current title trying something more than amere arcade session + boss + credits scenes . The ONLY one except MK and Blazblue right now .
And people dont even know about blazblue usually , so they'd only know about MK featuring an actual story .

Let's not forget how many also overlooked how SC5 pretty much also presented what should be one of the gold standards of mp lobby room . It's slick , got chat+spectators and room all embedded in one ... Features ginormeous geolocation based lobbies and so far got a good netcode .

It is only missing a training while waiting option .

Instead some sites rather makes it about issues that were worse in SCIV and in other franchises . SCIV had no story mode worth the title , 6-8 dudes a boss and cut .

It was broken even without accounting the obviously hard to balance guest characters . And it's netcode was abysmall , only better than kof 12 , t6 , t5dr .

T3mpr1x2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I think it's because the story mode that IS there seems kind of half-baked. Like the picture says, "Go big or go home." It just felt like it could have benefited from some more TLC. Also, where are single player challenges aka Tower of Lost Souls?

Baka-akaB2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Not disagreeing there . But others dont even bother having something looking like it , and get free passes .

If it was some new golden rules as in : henceforth since MK's release day , every game should strive to have a decent sp LIKE mk or loose point" , fine . But so far it aint even that .

When SFXT comes along , if it got nothing of the likes , you wont hear a peep about it .

PS : i'm not also at all agreeing with the , imo odd , concept that MK did everything right . It's a well done game , a major rehaul and effort after lots of failed tentative (beyond umk3 of course) . My feelings are that the extra and sp mode are greater than the meat of the game and its gameplay .

But i'd rather not delve deeper into that , as it wont be a popular opinion , and with the whole of mediadom (nevermind that 70% of them knows nothing about fighting games as proven in their lacks of basic skills , their constant mistakes and erroneous facts , ridiculous previews , and half baked opinions) pointing it as THE fighting game of 2011 no matter what

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