UFC Undisputed 3 (Xbox 360) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

If ever there was a time THQ needed a TKO in the video game retail market, it is now. Well, maybe they needed it last year. Regardless, the publisher has been ravaged with layoffs recently and rumours of an imminent sale have investors and fans of the publisher concerned for THQ’s future. While many questions regarding THQ’s future remain unanswered, one thing MMA fans can count on from THQ is a top-notch UFC game. When UFC Undisputed 2009 burst onto the scene, fighting fans rejoiced as the game provided a fabulous introductory experience into the world of MMA fighting and the UFC. When UFC Undisputed 2010 touched down, it built upon an already strong 2009 game and delivered yet another successful MMA game for THQ. Almost two years later, allowing for some extra time spent in the shop building an even better MMA experience, UFC Undisputed 3 arrives with some anticipation and at a time when THQ needs to deliver one of those GSP superman punches for a KO in the worst way. Will...

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