10 Amazing Videogame Facts You Don't Know [PICS]

"We have some amazing pictures from you from the videogames you love that will actually surprise you a lot. These are mostly from the old games like Mario, and some others that you may not have heard. So, we apologize if you cannot recognize some of them, but the names of the games are clearly given to avoid any confusion. Please tell us if you find this interesting or inaccurate, we would love to hear from you! Some of these are simply mindblowing."

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banana4202322d ago

"A 3DS game manual actually tells you to search for walkthroughs, FAQs and other stuff via you favorite search engine. We all know what that is, right? Yes, Bing. This shows how much far we have come, when the only way to get hints during the golden days was to call the “number” for hints." bing ? bing?! BING?!!!! :p

dorron2322d ago

This guy doesn't know the meaning of the swastika in the east...

Nazis took the swastika from the east and inverted it, but in Japan it has a very different meaning.

Solid_Snake372322d ago

it's from the Buddah religion, it means peace right?

dorron2322d ago

Yeah, something like that and something representing the full creation. It's from Budism and Hinduism as far as I know. I'm not fully aware of all the facts, but more or less that's it.

violents2322d ago

if these are "AMAZING" than this guy must crap his pants when he sees a flat screen or any newer video games. This is the worst list of amazing things i have ever seen.

smax3172322d ago

True that, this article is pretty meh.