Dragonball Skyrim Overhaul looks freaking cool; huge potential for an amazing DBZ mod

DSOGaming writes: "I have a confession to make; I’m a huge fan of DBZ. My best character is Trunks, I loved the Cell saga, and was disappointed with the recent remake of the anime that has, ironically, ended before the Buu saga. Imagine that, a remake and we didn’t get to see the amazing battle between Majin Vegeta and Goku. Bollocks. But anyway, back on topic. Like most of you, I enjoyed Bid for Power back in the days and I was hoping for a DBZ mod in Skyrim. And I’m delighted to tell you that there is currently a DBZ overhaul for Skyrim that looks pretty cool."

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Spitfire_Riggz2348d ago

The ki blasts with the dirt physics was kind of cool, Lmao at piccolo at the end as an argonian

young juice2348d ago

lmao how goten looks just like kid goku.

mod looks really cool though. he did just do solar flare with no sun out... they should make an instantaneous transmission mod

UnSelf2349d ago

bid for power? wowowowow i thought i was only one of the few who knew about that title. ahhhhhhh i miss the days when the internet was young

john22349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Bid For Power was awesome :D. There was a similar project for the Source Engine but can't recall its name

BlackTar1872349d ago

this is awesome. i am extremely surprised.

Dday1412349d ago

Over 9,000 arrows to the knee? Epic

FlareDReborn2349d ago

Crap you beat me too it D:

h311rais3r2349d ago

I think I know where to get the dragon balls...

Snookies122348d ago

I agreed with that, yet I have to say... Ew.

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The story is too old to be commented.