Virtua Tennis 4 Vita Invents Split-Side Multiplayer

As the debate continues over the use of online versus offline multiplayer on bigger consoles, the PS Vita fulls off a surprising coup by offering shared screen multiplayer on the diminuitive handheld console. Could this make Virtua Tennis 4 a killer app for spreading the Vita experience?

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Ddouble2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

One of the Vita's best launch title. So many additional features and it runs at native res and 60fps.

nevin12200d ago

"Virtua Tennis 4 also makes use of the Vita's camera to allow you to take a photo of your face. Not only can this be your icon for online matches, but your features can be mapped onto an in-game avatar to create your own truly unique character with which to play."

All games should do that.

holdmykidney2198d ago

An excellent point. So many games provide endless and pointless customisation options for an avatar while overlooking the most obvious choice.

Hopefully lots of people will use this feature and demonstrate the demand.