How To Shout Relentlessly in Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V Tutorial)

[IMHW Writes] Machinima Director (TRIX) has produced a video showing How to shout relentlessly in Skyrim. The video shows several humerous applications including running at warp speed and causing complete havoc by sonic booming and burning his way through whiterun. The latter part of the video shows Trix scaring a dragon solid with his relentless FUS-RO-DAH.

This video creator is also credited with quirky Skyrim videos "how to kill an elder dragon with a single arrow" "how to become a horse" and "how to tame wolves in Skyrim"

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pandehz2347d ago

Wish I could shout back at my coach like that.

vgcgames2346d ago

very cool.. need to start using this right away.

trixnine2346d ago

Questions are being answered if you have any in the comments feed on YouTube