Kinect Project Draco Goes Playable at Xbox 360 Akihabara Event

Andriasang writes, "Microsoft is teaming up with Capcom for a Xbox 360 fan event to be held in Akihabara later this month. The big news from this event is that the long awaited Kinect title Project Draco will be playable."

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LX-General-Kaos2229d ago

As a big fan of Panzer Dragoon, I cant wait to get hands on or (kinect hands off) time with this game. I have been waiting for an update since Orta on the original xbox

gamingdroid2229d ago

Project Draco is one of my most anticipated Kinect game on XBLA. Cannot wait to see what they are doing with it!

EVILDEAD3602229d ago

HUGE fan of Panzer Dragoon..In fact I would love an HD collection.

Can't wait for Draco..


LX-General-Kaos2229d ago

The series has been spread way too thin over years and different consoles. An HD collection would fix everything. I hope they include the "saga" game or games if they take the leap.

from the beach2229d ago

So where's Steel Battalion at?

Dlacy13g2229d ago

Having loved Panzer Dragoon I am hopeful this game will capture some of that magic. This is one Kinect game I have had actual anticipation for so lets hope they did a good job with it.

Dlacy13g2229d ago

Classic... disagree? What someone hopes they made a bad game? Give me a break. Haters just hate.