Friday Top Five: Valentine’s Day Special

"Love is in the air or so it would seem with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. At XBLA Fans we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate our love affair with games by taking a look at some of the top romantic relationships that can found on XBLA. Whether you’re wining and dining your sweetheart or hiding under the covers till this whole commercial scam of a holiday blows over, set aside some time for a romantic evening of XBLA. Keen matchmakers that we are, we’ve created a list of possible partners so read on to find out our Top Five XBLA Romances. Oh XBLA, you had us at “Deal of the Week”."

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ndepetris2351d ago

"there’s nothing like a good case of kidnapping to make the heart grow fonder."

Hilarious. Great article.

cain1412351d ago

I actually enjoyed both Scott Pilgrim the game and movie. Very rare.

Kramerica132351d ago

Yeah, the books are great.

Emessai2351d ago

Yeah, she really found some good examples of romance in game-form, haha. Good stuff.

RyanReynoldsIII2351d ago

Its interesting how like movies and books, videogames too now often host relationships as the center of their conflict.