Push-Start: One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP Review

Only at Push Start! Review to the first 3DS game of One Piece!

Most anime games never turn out the way they should. Most would expect a nice open world in which you can explore the lands that your favourite character explores and lives around. Also, if they include fighting in the anime then you would most definitely want fighting sequences to happen. Most games do not deliver these things and it is a bit of a drawback to wanting to play the game when you find these things aren’t within the game. However, we can see that there are a few exceptions; one being the new One Piece game for the 3DS; Unlimited Cruise SP. This is a special port of both episodes released for the Wii, put into a single cartridge for 3DS only.

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Ilovetheps42265d ago

Hadn't heard of the game before today. But I doubt I will be buying it for my 3DS. The review didn't make it sound that good. Now I just need to figure out what to buy for my 3DS next.