“You Will Get Your Ass Kicked. We Promise” – Blizzard

Diablo III Beta games are being played all around the world and the difficulty level is comparable to a baby face-rolling on the keyboard.

However, the 3D Artists of Blizzard have stated themselves that from Nightmare difficulty and above we will be getting our asses kicked. Can expect my team to be wiped more than 20 times in Inferno?

Check out the video below and find out for yourself:

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BiggCMan2293d ago

I think devs underestimate their fans.

NeoTribe2293d ago

Nah. Diablo2 without godly items u got whooped in hell mode.

h311rais3r2293d ago

Too bad I'm not that into it anymore. The beta turned me off. Feels more like wow...makes me sad...