Assassin's Creed - Revelations: Ubisoft is Sorry for Online Service Switch Problems

GameBandits: "Ubisoft is sorry that the online service switch that it has just performed has caused problems on some games that were originally given the stamp of security assurance. The games affected were not supposed to be inconvenienced by the maintenance check, which went awry."

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dazzrazz2327d ago

I say fuck Ubisoft and that constant online requirement DRM

SneeringImperialist2326d ago

Oh so now you're sorry Ubisoft?
You don't seem to be sorry for the constant downtime of Anno 2070 or the fact that your invasive DRM doesn't work, get your act together Ubi. All the shit you cause can be ultimately solved by removing the original shit causer (Your FAIL DRM).

sonicsidewinder2326d ago

Well this should be all the proof enough for them to realise their drm does NOT WORK and should be scrapped hence-forth.