Konami's building is on fire in Japan

GB : It seems like Konami's building is on fire right now.

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Starbucks_Fan2354d ago

crazy fanboys must have taken over...

gameseveryday2354d ago

I saw Liquid Ocelot fleeing the building.

Cloudberry2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

It was The Fury.

Seriously, I hope they're alright.

Kinda amazing how Kojima experiencing disasters twice.

The last year earthquake and tsunami, "I'm Alright".

And now, building on fire, "I'm alright".

unknownhero11232354d ago

nah, it's just ocelot being disgruntled. They wouldn't give him zone of enders 3.

on a serious note, I hope no one is hurt.

Captain Qwark 92354d ago

damn they did warn you many times to make a sequel to zone of enders....

jk jk seriously though, looks like somebody is just having a sweet BBQ on the roof, no worries ;)

PamPoovey2354d ago ShowReplies(1)
Lavalamp2354d ago

Geez. I hope everyone is alright.

GribbleGrunger2354d ago

have a bubble for realizing it's not always a game

ZeV2354d ago

It's horrible for Konami ! I hope that the employees don'r be injured by the flames !

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