Five Other Games That Need KickStarter Funding | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "We've seen what can happen when a developer reaches outs to their fans to fund a game. In just less than a few hours, Double Fine Studios has surpassed their goal of $400,000 to fund their point and click adventure game. This is just amazing. Imagine just all the new possibilities for indie developers or studios that can't pitch their ideas to publishers."

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jaidek2233d ago

it is absolutely amazing that in just over a day $1,305,701 has been raised for this game. I really hope other developers and even known indies start taking this route.

Well only $20,000,000 to go until we see Psychonauts 2!

Stakenborg2233d ago

The power of demand really is incredible. Hopefully this will be encouraging for the rising stars in the game development world.

Psychonaughty2233d ago

I'd put up a ton of money for a freelancer/Elite style game, why the hell is no one making them?! Spaz was fun for a few days but damn... Obviously a psychonauts sequel would make me ecstatic as well so I would give even more for that! :P