120°'s Top Ten PlayStation 3 Games of 2007

At this top ten PS3 games of 2007 list demonstrates, the first full year of the PS3 saw not only the most amazing games, but innovation that have never seen before.

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Fresh3811d ago

def deserves the #1 spot.

The Orange Box better than COD4,I don't think so.

xplosneer3811d ago

Ranked by categories not overall games.

TANOD3811d ago

such a game is just awesome

Fresh3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

my bad:P


Yep,Uncharted kicks a*s!

DARKKNIGHT3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

DAAAAAAMn, i was just playing uncharted for like 3 hours and im upto the jetski part and all i have to say is WOW.

i dont know how naughty dog made such a FUN, immersive and beautiful game WITH PRACTICALLY NO LOADING!!! no loading........loading is missing, gone, abducted, hijacked, caput. the game only loads when you choose a save or at the very beginning upon first boot. WOW.

this game is beyond high definition. i couldnt believe my eyes or ears. water and animations are phenomenal and sound is incredible i really hope they make a part 2 and im not even done with the game!!

im so glad i bought a ps3. WOW

jorellpogi3811d ago

Congratulations for your new PS3. Glad to know you are loving it.


thanks jorellpogi, it seems someone disagrees with both of us though.

I dont give a damn, haters wont stop me from enjoying and loving my ps3.

bubbles for you jorell

Crazyglues3811d ago

Uncharted really does deserve #1 spot and with rumble it's amazing... I just got my rumble yesterday and Uncharted is now just Unreal...

I'm loving it with rumble...



NICE!!!! i want one of those

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pwnmaster30003811d ago

i dont have any of those game yet waiting wen christmas come and price go down

resistance1003811d ago

Fifa Over Pro Evo :O

Sure its not the best pro evo ever, but gameplay wise its still far better than what Fifa can offer. PES is the closest thing to actually playing the sport for real

killer_trap3811d ago

i agree. and if anybody says otherwise i will personally.......better not go that far. but honestly it's warhawk i liked the most up until now followed by uncharted.

resistance1003811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Thanks for your intelligent input into this thread!. I'm sure your seen as a valued member of this website

vilmer3811d ago

The halo generation speaks, again! gg.

Nevers3810d ago

and just wanted to know what you guys were playing; but why do dip-asses like this (on both sides) feel the need to troll and spew worthless opinions? Nevermind... I don't need an answer.

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KingKirchner3811d ago

awesome list. I'm getting a PS3+ Ratchet and Uncharted for Christmas. Just One more week!


CONGRATS!!! trust me youll love it...the ps3 is just amazing. it plays blu rays really well too!!

ive only had mine for like 8 hours but im loving it already

killer_trap3811d ago

nothing beats the freash smell of a newly opened system. why i think i'm gonna buy me a new one just for the smell.

jorellpogi3811d ago

You must be having some sleepless nights. The anticipation is too much eh? :)

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