Why we won't see Grand Theft Auto V in 2012

GameZone's Tate Steinlage writes, "Everyone is excited for GTA V, and though the company says we will see the game in 2012, all signs point to 2013."

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omi25p2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Didnt Red Dead And GTA IV release in the spring time, Because the author seems to think they released in the fall

MariaHelFutura2354d ago

With the exception of a MAJOR problem causing a major delay, this game is coming out in 2012.

brodychet2354d ago

I never expected this game to come out in 2012. Would be too good to be true. I expect.. if this year, then late 2012, early 2013. Sit back guys. We have months to go.

iChii2354d ago

Yo quiero Grand Theft Auto V in 2012.

*Sad chihuahua face*

TopDudeMan2354d ago

I expect them to honour the projected 2012 target

OcelotRigz2354d ago

I know the Max Payne delay would suggest a later due date for GTA than the usual June/July release. But i still think they will release it late August opposed to the Christmas period, well i hope so anyway. I would be devastated if they push it into next year. But i will be very surprised if that happened.

yog-sothot2354d ago

2012 is not gonna happen, taketwo has other stuff for this year (Max Payne 3, Bioshock Infinite, Xcom reboot...)

spring 2013 is a fine target

BattleTorn2354d ago

Spring 2013 is the absolute latest. (although possible)

Take-Two would need GTA V to release between April(2012)-March(2013), for their fiscal predictions to stay true.

jizzyjones2354d ago

It f***ing better make 2012!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.