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Submitted by Cyrus365 2971d ago | news

American Chart for Week Ending 15th December 2007 (360 and PS3 outsell Wii?)

VGChartz Reports for the Week ending Dec 15, 2007, American Sales were as follows:

DS: 704,805
360: 330,501
PS2: 253,824
PSP: 251,689
PS3: 192,730
Wii: 173,798

Is that all Wii were available or is VGChartz undertracking Wii's on the market? 170K (30% decline) seems strange....

Unreal Tournament III openned up PS3 with 69,768, which basically has outsold PC counter-part.

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box sold 36,490 (Industry)

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Relcom  +   2971d ago
I guess today is the day
Where all these gay VG charts get released and everyone goes

I know people wanna say yeah the Wii fad is passing (me included) but its simply a supply issue. Because the demand is sure there.
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unlimited  +   2971d ago
Wii is selling less due to shortages. The 360 isnt really blowing out the PS3 in sales..If you look at world wide sales the PS3 is actually selling a little better then their enemy(360). I expect this Christmas to be a battle..I think Sony have to do really good through out 0'8 they have to out sell the 360 every month. I am certain with all the heavy hitter games coming out it will happen.
Gondee  +   2971d ago
Is i just me or was UT3 a AAA title? isnt it suposed to sell millions?

Just a side note. But with the looks of 360 gamers i think UT3 would have sold a million copies first day on 360. Who else thinks that to?
Kr155  +   2971d ago
The Ps3 version was a limited release. They rushed it out for Christmas cool thing is even with the limited release it outsold it's pc counterpart. To be honest though I don't care if it sells millions (of course Sony might) The game is funner than Halo.
Ju  +   2971d ago
The US market is still huge - at least for 360 sales. 2M 360 software titles a week is immense, vs. 664 in the EU (and somebody above mentioned that. The PS3 sold 711k SW titles last week, that is, more PS3 SW then 360 in EU).

Also, 330k units sold. But, actually I am impressed, that the European market either seems to catch up or is bigger then expected. The PS3 sold more units (192k) in the US then 360 in Europe (172k). OTHO, the PS3 did not sell more units (255k) in Europe then 360 in the US (330k). But 255k units a week is a pretty respectable number - and the PS3 sold more in EU then in US (total numbers), also, the installbase is growing faster in EU then in the US, and is about on par already (with about ~5 month lesser sales).

US is 360 land. No doubt about it. Might also be some form of patriotism. Probably. Or the market is simply more price driven then elsewhere.
godofthunder10  +   2970d ago
i went to best buy yesterday to buy allpro football for the 360 because it was on sell for $10 and while i was there i seen 4 people buying 360s and not 1 buying a ps3,now i was only there for about 20 to 30 minutes so they might have sold a lot of ps3 later on.while i was there they had $500 br players on sell for $145 and if i would've had the money i would've bought it but christmas broke me.
the only reason that i could think they was on sell was maybe they was the older models and the new br disc that's coming out want play in them so they are trying to sell them befor the new br disc comes out and they will be obsolete but it was still worth the money just because for regular dvds because it was the one that the front comes down when you press a button and it had a blue glow to it ,so it would've made my home intertainment system look better.
Snukadaman  +   2970d ago
hey its vgchartz day....time for excuses and false figures......
selling sure most of you thought it would be in the 100ks at least....again ps3 owners show why its just not worth it to have exclusives....america is smart...people aint falling for hyperbole and waiting. and like every week..another excuse..some people cant admit to games being on their system being a flop....every week the excuse changes...first it was ratchet and clank and uncharted selling just 2 days...but next week we will see the same numbers or lower.
Cyrus365  +   2971d ago
Hopefully I don't get slack for this news story as for the worldwide number, honest mistake, I didn't know it didn't include the japanese numbers.

Strange about the Wii numbers though, is that all they had supply for this week?
Genuine  +   2971d ago
Don't sweat it, we all make mistakes sometimes. Don't pay any attention to TANOD, he seriously seems to have issues.
iceice123  +   2971d ago
Playstation 3. We hardly knew you. :'(
360: 330,501

PS3: 192,730
Cyrus365  +   2971d ago
Not really considering Ps3 outsells 360 in europe and Japan, my other new report (Not including Japan) shows 360 has about 50K lead over Ps3, and then if you include the Japan numbers, that obviously skrinks significantly, to almost selling on par to one another.
xsteinbachx  +   2971d ago
why do people always disagree especially when they don't understand?
chrno6  +   2971d ago
Another delusional 360 fanoby thinking that America represents the whole world.
lonestarmt  +   2971d ago
your brain. We hardly knew you :(

look at the world wide sales lol
iceice123  +   2971d ago
Another blind lemming who thinks Japan represents the world.
crazypuppet  +   2971d ago
acutally the us is the biggest market
so even though the ps3 outsold the xbox 360 in europe by 80k the 360 outsold the ps3 is america by 140k which means the xbox 360 sold 60k more then teh ps3 this month(i swear to god if anyone calls me a xboxbot because i dont even have a ps3 and a 360)
TANOD  +   2971d ago
rip x360 in JAPAN and EU
we hardly knew you

PS3 has surpassed x360 in EU and JAPAN (even in terms of total sales in just 6 months)

192k is a very good number

VGCHARTS numbers also understimate ps3 wait for NPD before bullcrapping
TheXgamerLive  +   2971d ago
Actually no, the ps3 hasn't surpassed the Xbox 360 in Europe yet, only slightly the past few weeks due to it's price drop.
But yes the ps3 is the better seller only in hardware only in Japan, in Japan the Xbox 360 still outsells the ps3 in games and this includes Europe too.

So he's basically right, bye bye ps3, ..........................naaa , the ps3 will continue to hang in there.
Lucreto  +   2971d ago
RIP 360/Wii/PS3 actually none at all.

360 has the US market but Ps3 has the Japanese Market and it will gain control of the European market before the summer.

I leave out the Wii as I don't think a 89 year old women count as gamers.

How exactly is the US market bigger?
WilliamRLBaker  +   2971d ago
except cyrus
except cyrus the ps3 doesn't outsell the 360, all those other countries mean nothing, the UK is a bunch of different countries, its sales alone outpace all other countries combined over there.

learn your figures.
salgoods  +   2971d ago
*clears throat* and grabs microphone...
Ladies and gentleman,

Relcom  +   2971d ago
I got popcorn and the refresh button ready. This will keep me entertained at work.
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2971d ago
Wii shortages.
MK_Red  +   2971d ago
Well, Wii Sports is also at 173k. I find it hard to believe that PS3 and 360 outselling Wii in this week but I really really hope it's true. PS360 FTW!
Now all that I wish for is for Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed's sales to increase.
Relcom  +   2971d ago
You know as well as i do
While i'd love for the Wii phase to pass. Its simply a supply issue. The demand is there.
MK_Red  +   2971d ago
True. The Wii Phase is still insanely strong and this is either issue of supply or mistake of VGC.
But hey, I can't help but let my anti-Nintendo fanboyish side speak for itself ;)
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Relcom  +   2971d ago
Well you have a partner in crime then
Cause i'm about ready for Wii owners to wake up.
IntelligentAj  +   2971d ago
Yeah I doubt this is true. There are shortages but I think the demand will continue to be strong, especially since the children want their Wii(over the 360 and PS3).
Jack T  +   2971d ago
Unreal Tournament 3 may have had a limited run on PS3. Even so, it still didn't sell the whole allocation. I think Mark Rein feels even more of a tit than he usualy is. If he hadn't wasted all that time and money on PS3 development then Unreal on 360 would have hit about 800,000 already.
Ju  +   2971d ago
UT3...that might be true. Because if it would have hit the 360 you can bet the 360press would have praised the game into gamers heaven. 10/10, so its a PS3 top game at 8/10 and underhyped. As usual.
dragunrising  +   2971d ago
I'm confused that UT3 (PS3) had such a lackluster start. I finally decided to get a PS3 (check out my gamer tag) and purchased the game. Not too many people are only yet...hopefully that changes. Its very suprising that Uncharted dropped off the charts so soon. The demo is amazing btw...
Ju  +   2971d ago
I haven't got UT3 yet. But its the next on my GF list. 5% + 5 GF$ should make this a nice "keeper" - need to finish AC first, which, actually, starts to bore me. One district after another, which pretty much looks the same to kill more knights , bla bla. And it sells more then UC - at least in the US, not in Europe, though. Marketing! (Sony, do ask Ubi how to do it!). I am broke. But I am saving money for another PS3. But Jan. will again be tough: UT3, Haze and Burnout. WTF. Need a raise.
lonestarmt  +   2971d ago
ok if wii sold that low in america that means it sold something like 400k in europe since in a earlier post for US/europe sales they state wii sold sometihng like 570k. Strange. So europe gets more wii's than america? This is either a sign VG charts can't be trusted, or the wii shortage is really bad.
MK_Red  +   2971d ago
... or people have finally realised that PS3 and 360 are the consoles worth their money. ;)

But really, I agree with you. It's either a huge VGChartz mistake or a huge Wii Shortage problem.
Cyrus365  +   2971d ago
I was just going to post that. SO Europe got about 400 K Wii, and Americas got about 175 K, that doesn't make sense at all.
lonestarmt  +   2971d ago
agree with you Mk-red, o I wish it was true, but logically its most likely a supply issue.
Ju  +   2971d ago
Eur 249 beeing US$ 359. Where would you allocate your shipments into if you don't have enough ??? 50% more profit in Europe ATM.
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Capt CHAOS  +   2971d ago
F@g this, f@g that. Gay..
Woos. WTF, F***,

There's I've just summed up the remainder of this thread.


DJ  +   2971d ago
Ok, WHY are VG Chartz articles still
being posted? They're not even accurate.
Bladestar  +   2971d ago
...mmm... they may not be 100% accurate... well.. not even NPD is.. since NDP only capture 70% of retail data and leave out many other retailers like wallmart and others... but... it's a lot more accurate than the typical Sony fanboy statistic report, "PS3 has surpassed x360 in EU and JAPAN" or "the PS3 has surpassed x360 in other planets in our solar system and it will soon expand to other galaxy clusters.."
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2971d ago
The only way this is possible is if There's some serious Wii Shortages in the United States
Wii would be selling like 500k if it wasn't for shortages.
jackdoe  +   2971d ago
So odd with the Wii sales. Guess Nintendo is really losing a billion dollars worth of sales with these shortages. Also, what I find funny is that UTIII PS3 outsold the PC version. Also, Orange Box PS3 will not sell well after all the bad press it garnered.
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MK_Red  +   2971d ago
WTF!? Why Uncharted and UT3 PS3 sales so low? Come on people, I don't have a PS3 yet but both will become must-haves the moment I get one.
Cyrus365  +   2971d ago
I agree, whats up with PS3 owners. Uncharted is one of the best games on the console, it should be doing better. It deserves better. It should be out selling Mass effect atleast.
jackdoe  +   2971d ago
The UT3 release was relatively low key which would explain the sales. It was also only released in the US. I bought Uncharted just the other day, so add one more unit to the sales, and I'll be picking up UT3 in a few days.
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eagle21  +   2971d ago
Great PS3 sales. I want to know Japan sales too. Vgcharts probably undertracked PS3 and 360, if Wii is that low.
PS2 is kicking pure butt for an 7 year old huh? I just ordered Uncharted and UT3 Mkred, UT3 was in very limited supply for some reason last week. Dude, you gotta get a PS3 bro! lol
MK_Red  +   2971d ago
Cyrus365, while I pray that Uncharted sales increase, I've got to say that Mass Effect deserves to be selling good and Wii Play, Mario and Sonic and SMG are the games that should be outsold by both Uncharted and Mass Effect.

Glad to your you all going for UDF and UT3.

eagle21, I know. I definitly have to get a PS3 but sadly due to some money and job problems I have to wait until Feb or March :(
waitbeyond  +   2971d ago
Wow, even a pathetic game like Kane & Lynch (360) and
Rayman (Wii) beat Uncharted and Rock Band (PS3).
Where is R & C on the list?
I'm all about competition, but this is ridiculous.
Can't compete if your first party AAA games can't even hit the top 5.
power of Green  +   2971d ago
As long as Japanese Devs know the money is in the western markets why does selling consoles in Japan even matter?. Why does Japan matter they don't even play the same games as we do unless they're talored to the west.
lonestarmt  +   2971d ago
who cares if they are not west style? its a matter of taste. I'm glad, because they the video game market will be filled with nothing but shooting and sport games. Have you seen the numbers for pokemon, dragon quest, final fantasy, monster hunter, GT, and crisis core? shoot man if you saw those numbers you wouldn't be saying that.
#13.1 (Edited 2971d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Cyrus365  +   2971d ago
That's an ignorant comment.

Do you think a game like Dynasty Warrior 6 will have as big sales in the US as it does in Japan? on either the PS3 or 360? Doubt it.

OR a better example PES 08, it's doing well over in Japan, and Europe, and not so well in the Americas, partly due to Soccer games not appealing to the american audience. So Konami, won't be like hmm 360 sold 10 million in America, therefore PES will do well on that system.

Games like Pokemon, Monster Hunters, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, do much better in their home terrority (Hence why they would care how well a console sales are in japan) vs. how it does in other terrorities.
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edonus   2971d ago | Spam
lonestarmt  +   2971d ago
haha you did not just say leaps of the FPS. you still just walk or run around with a gun in your hand and shoot stuff. Please don't go there. lol

you don't play a lot of Japan games do you. Hate or love the wii it did something different. Who got us metal gear , final fantasy, devil may cry? who invented tatics games? ICO?Phoenix wright game?. Your sanbox games, have been cloned over and over again, and reused over and over again just as much as Japan's traditional Rpg type battle system. Don't even get me started on FPS. Both sides do it.
celticlonewolf  +   2971d ago
reading the comments
Over at vgcharts the reason that the wii numbers are so low is basicly because there was no shipment last week to stores cause they were going to give a huge shipment this week instead. Now not sure about the truth in that Im just saying what was wrote on the boards over there. I do know that my local walmart didnt have any wii come in last week but right at the start so who knows.
jackdoe  +   2971d ago
Ugh, I can just see the headlines if this is true. "Woman killed by stampeding crowd for a Wii during the last week before Christmas."
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2971d ago
believe it or not
Even PS3's game sales are getting a little bit better. It's slow and 360 games still dominate the top side of the sales charts.

But PS3 titles are there, they have 10 in the top 50. They aren't the ones you would expect, like Sadly Uncharted didn't do as good as they hoped.

Even though I'm a 360 owner now, I have to admit that the PS3 is getting a little more respectable. It's still not good enough for my taste however.
TANOD  +   2971d ago
Uncharted has already sold over 400k

RATCHET is also over 500k

HS is over 600k as well

look at the charts before trashtalking

Uncharted,Ratchet and HS--all will hit 1m in lfetime sales
KingKirchner  +   2971d ago
He wasn't trashtalking, he said they were getting better. You don't have to be so defensive.
Ju  +   2971d ago
Actually, both, AC and COD4 broke the 1M barrier this week in global sales for the PS3. Respectable. And both overtook Motorstorm. Those and Resistance being million sellers on the PS3. (BTW FIFA08 is at 800K).
grimygunz  +   2971d ago
The Wii
had a shortage last week due to many Big retailers such as CC, Toys'r us and Best buy stock pilling for this week staring on sunday 16th. Expect next week Wii numbers to be astronomical at 500k in US alone.
lodossrage  +   2971d ago
VG chartz always updates their numbers by the end of the week
So you guys should really look at those numbers again friday or saturday.
BIoodmask  +   2971d ago
I know VGChartz
isn't 100% accurate but these sales could very well be true. With the Wii supply not up to the demand consumers would have to opt for another console for a gift.

The next step up is the 360 it starts at just $280, and the Wii at $250. Perhaps 360 sales are cannibalizing on the Wii sales bc the Wii is in such short supply.

The 360 is after all very popular in North America.
Dlacy13g  +   2971d ago
I am sure VG Chartz is off but not enough to swing one console up or down. I say this mostly due to what I have been noticing on Amazon US lately. That is on the best seller list the 360 has overtaken the Wii this holiday...that and the PS3 while technically not higher than the Wii does have two scu's ranked fairly high so their combined sales could be over taking the Wii too.
salgoods  +   2971d ago
wow bloodmask
im impressed. not a single negative thing to say about the ps3? not gloating or 360 is that, 360 is that. great post man. great post. and i do agree. any parent looking for a wii and cant find one will most likely look at a 360.
MK_Red  +   2971d ago
Accurate or not, VGCharts really needs to remove bundled games from software charts. Seriously, Marvel UA, Forza 2, Wii Sports and many others are bundle sales and don't belong there.
With them removed, ME and AC would enter the top 10 and rightfully so.
Relcom  +   2971d ago
No one should feel sorry for sony
They are killing in overall sales. PS3 will never fail because of all the other sales they make in the videogame industry. So this FANBOY statement "the PS3 is doomed" is a ridiculous notion and very uninformed.
salgoods  +   2971d ago
This is aimed at any 360 fanboys
now we have the 360 outselling the ps3 worldwide by 50k NOT including Japan, so we can safely assume the 2 systems are selling on par with each other on a worldwide scale...

BUT...(drum roll please)..................

What do you think will happen will ps3's heavy hitters come out? you know MGS, Final Fantasy, etc. you know the list?


at the troll below me, do you think the ps3 will be the only system whose nubmers drop off after the holiday. if anything the 360 has the most potential to drop off, way off, right after the holiday. why you ask? well their great games will be a few months older and please name one potential mega hit next year, not named Gears of War 2. please enlighten me? and do you really think even the mighty Gears of War 2 can possibly handle MGS? check past numbers on that one. chew on them a while before responding


i never said teh ps3 will continue to sell like it is now. obviously all sales aer due to the xmas rush. BUT even with MS heavy hitters out, it still is getting a fierce fight from the ps3. now once Sony's heavy hitters come out, do you really think the 360 will put up as fierce a fight?

oh and you only mention MGS. dare i call out games like GT5, God of War 3, Final Fantasy, lets stop here...see because the aforementioned games are called PROVEN franchises, or as we say in spades, lets continue...LBP (maybe), Haze (maybe), Killzone 2 (maybe) or as we say in spades, there are possibles. and before you mention Fable, Alan Wake (i think you forgot that one), NG2, please post the previous sales numbers for these games, because good games they are but blockbusters they are not. i dont think office cooler talk and school yard buzz will be about these "hotly" anticipated games. i had to chuckle. HOTLY. NOTLY!

oh and yes Gears 2 will sell more than Gears 1 did. happy now? BUT MGS #'s there is no freaking way. do you know the #'s MGS puts up? i dont think you do bud.
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BLaZiN PRopHeT  +   2971d ago
what do you think will happen when the holiday season is over and the ps3 numbers go back to normal?

Edit: no i dont fanboy. just pointing out that the numbers will go back down. the 360 numbers will go back down also.

the difference is i understand that you just assume that the ps3 will continue to sell the way it is.

um NG2, Fable 2 maybe? with the way 360 owners buy games yea i do think Gears can hold up 2 MGS4. altho i believe MGS will outsell it gears but gears will sell more than the original did.

Edit again i didnt mention any other games because this would just turn into a list war. you asked for games that could stack up to MGS and i gave you some.

and yea i do because all MS has to do it cut price again. i mean look what a 50$ price cut did last time. doing it again will send sales up.

and like i said the way 360 owners buy game any one of MS exclusives and hold its own against sonys. except FF its just a beast.
#21.1 (Edited 2971d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Eternal E 808  +   2971d ago
yes it will have some sort of an impact but not as great as you ps3 fans make it out to be and dont even make me
edonus   2971d ago | Spam
salgoods  +   2971d ago
do you also have the mega-million lottery numbers too? because your fortune telling skills are top notch. ***sarcasim like a motherf.....***
#21.4 (Edited 2971d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
lonestarmt  +   2971d ago
rpgs not system sellers? sigh.. I agree rpgs don't sell as well as other games, but dude your wrong on almost everything eastern. haha

just look what ff7 did to playsation! and what ff X did to ps2? thats why there are three rpgs in the top five best selling games of all time?? haha
WilliamRLBaker  +   2971d ago
umm lone
ummm lone...ff7 TO DATE has sold 9.5 million units...on a system that sold...111m million at last count.....yeah it did...well not much... why did the ps1 get so high in sales?

We'll you have the fact that sony likes to consider rebuys as sales, oh and replacement of broken units...ect then you have the fact that the ps1 came out at a time when people we're sick of nintendo it was a kids system and more mature games we're being released on the ps1.

Devs we're sick of nintendo's practices which they'd been complaining about for years (sonyfanboys wanna sit and talk about microsoft practices but they never mention nintendos attempts to put multiple companies out of buisness for releaseing cheat devices for the nintendo and super nintendo...ect)

Nintendon made a stupid move by picking cartridges..... so yeah the Ps1 wasn't made what it was by ff7. RPGS over here account for less sales then pretty much all other genre's.
lonestarmt  +   2970d ago
nice baker, not buying it. You can't give the total numbers of PS sales then compare that to ff 7 sales. Look at the history. PS one wasn't selling very well until 7 came out, like its second year. (just like final fantasy x and maybe 13 hmm interesting) Then that sky rocketed the sales, and it never looked back. So yeah HUGE impact. In fact the only reason I got a PS over a saturn was because of ff 7.
IQUITN4G  +   2971d ago
It doesn't suprise me that Unreal appears not to be selling very well considering it's not really a well known name outside PC - even if it is selling maybe better than the pc one

There's one fact that i think some people miss.PS3 should be burying the 360 considering how strong the brand was.Even with the 360's year headstart this shouldn't be happening and i guess it shows how things change when real competition enters the market - that and that Nintendo has found it's feet again.It's very hard making up on lost ground and as Nintendo showed, it isn't that easy to reclaim.

If PS3 sales are only on par or even just a little bit better than 360's, then the fact is that's quite a blow to Sony no matter how you look at it.

So much lead thrown away and for whatever the reason, that's got to hurt Sony.Bad luck and vulture like media has contributed to Sony's previously unstoppable brand but that's my point, even with all of this, PS3 should be pounding the competition.Arrogance of any company to the point of absolute lies about it's upcoming games is also a reason why some people have a hard time accepting PS3.For this last reason in particular i find 3rd place satisfyingly funny.
#22 (Edited 2971d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
salgoods  +   2971d ago
here we go...
actually this post gets under my skin a little.

the 360 has:

-a 1 year head start
-the most AAA games
-double the install base
-better online experience
-savy marketing compared to ps3 (until as of late)
-shall we not forget a cheaper price point

the ps3 has had negative press even before they came out. due to sony arrogance and many other factors. you say the ps3 should bury the 360? off brand loyalty? brand loyalty died many seasons ago. now its about the next best thing. ppl buy flash in the pants things all the time. NOW at this time the 360 is a better gaming machine. for right now. i bought a ps3 because in the long run the ps3 will be the better gaming machine with better games. that is my opinion. the 360 hardware failure rate scared me. and the fact their BEST games are FPS also. if you name the 5 BEST 360 games that are exclusive, you get mostly FPS (Gears, Bioshock, Halo 3). and even the most anticipated 360 game coming out next year (Gears of War 2) is a FPS. Not a lot of variety among the top quality 360 games. different story on the ps3.

bottom line is the 360 and ps3 selling on par worldwide should be a blow to MS, not Sony.
#22.1 (Edited 2971d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Snukadaman  +   2970d ago
salgoods any post that shows the ps3 in WHAT you think is a negative light gets under your skin...
you seem too be another tanod/nasim follower...but what this guy says makes sense dont it...the ps3 was suppose too blow the xbox 360 out of the water with 2007 sales..dont you supposedly being the superior console...but even with a year...theres not many games that show their dominance over the xbox 360...with blu-ray being the only excuse on a game that cant be done on xbox 360...anything is possible graphically. you can biatch and moan all you want but alot of people are not falling for sonys bullsheit.
Bladestar  +   2971d ago
Epic should really think about what they just did by releasing UT on the PS3 instead of doing releasing it on the PS3 and the xbox 360 or just the xbox 360...

"Unreal Tournament III openned up PS3 with 69,768"... Are you listening Epic?

Here is a calculation for you Epic...

1,000,000 Gears (2 weeks).
0,069,760 UT3 (1 week).
0,930,240 <---- Take this number.

multiply it by $60 and tatoo the result it in your forehead as a reminder of the money you are NOT going to get, followed by "don't $h!t where you eat." I hope xbox 360 owners ignore UT3 when it comes out.. as a reminder to Epic to show some respect to the millions of xbox 360 fans that (actually buy games and not blu-ray movies).
#23 (Edited 2971d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Genuine  +   2971d ago
One thing is certain
I won't be buying any multi-plats that were developed with the ps3 as the lead platform. Xbox and Gamecube owners got screwed last gen by the inferior ps2 being the lead platform. Any multi-plat that is ported from the non-gaming hardware of the ps3 won't be what it could have been on the 360.
karlostomy  +   2970d ago
@ blade
well said!

Epic sold <70000 of UT3 on the PS3? across the world?
strike me pink. That is woefully poor!
Haven't they hyped that game for ps3 since 2005?

Blade, I hope it sells like hotcakes on the 360. This will surely drive the point home for developers forever?
Genuine  +   2971d ago
Like an analyst predicted yesterday
360 is a $100 across the board price cut from burying both the ps3 and ps2 in the U.S. That would put the seperate sku's at $179/$250/$379.
Cyrus365  +   2971d ago
Another thing lost in all this is, the resurgence of PS2, it can possibly outsell all consoles globally except maybe the Wii (This includes 360 and Ps3).

That's pretty damn impressive for a 7 year old console. My question is how is it selling so well, there are already 120+ million owners, are there still more people to sell to? Or are some people re-buying it? Maybe some people are buying 40 gig ps3 and Ps2 Slim combo?

Edit to Responnd 25.1

Because some regions only have 40 gigs models available I guess, 60 gigs are hard to find or don't exist in europe anymore for example. But your right, it'd make sense to get 80 gig model which comes with a game over getting 40 and PS2, unless you wanted to get the 40 gig model since the Cell is using 65 nm and uses less power, quieter, less heat...but none of the Ps3 have heat issues of that sorts anyways.
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BLaZiN PRopHeT  +   2971d ago
why buy both when you can spend less and just get an 89/60 GB ps3
PS3 Limps on and on  +   2971d ago
man at some point
Sony has to see what happends if they cut off the PS2.

Once they have MGS4 and some of those other games and the PS3 price point is better.
mistertwoturbo  +   2971d ago
I think when sony cut's off the PS2, they should drop the price down to $299 or something. by then it will sell like hot cakes. and not just hot cakes, hot cakes that is rubbed on a hot naked woman.
DaEnforcer  +   2971d ago
No no VGChartz didn't make a mistake and Wii shortages are almoust non existant. I'm pretty sure the masses finally found out what the Wii really is - a last gen console with a next gen sticker just cause of the controller and with crappy 3rd party games while I'm at it. The 1st party also isn't what it once was, Wii-Fit turned out more like a Wii-Flop, the sales are of course high because of all this hype, but that's good, sooner or later the folks will recognise what a crap they bought. Gaming is relaxing and if you wanna do some sports then do this outside and not infront of a goddamn TV.
AnimeRaven  +   2971d ago
Ok about Gear's Sales
look at what came out in the same year as Gears. Not a dang thing. I still remember very clearly how much I hated owning a 360 until Gears came out. That was the ONLY game that the system had that was all around good. Every dang one of you that had 360's at launch it took at least 7 months before we got something good. I am so tired of hearing this bull crap. Hell Gears is still better than Halo 3. Even Bioshock is better than Halo 3. And a lot of people made a huge deal out of that one.

If you do a limited release on a dang game your not going to have massive sales for a week. On the Uncharted sales for some reason my store hasn't even had it for 2 weeks. I really haven't looked at other stores for it.

And a side note why do you even care? It isn't like you make any money off these sales. You are the one fueling the hole war anyways right? I do think the PS3 sales on games is sad as hell. But a lot of people don't just buy games because they are out like I do. Take a person playing Call of Duty 4. It takes them awhile to get tired of it. I like to finish a game before I start another one. Take Mass Effect I played it about 32 hours before I beat the game. Then I sold it and moved on to the next title. I am now playing Uncharted. Then I move to Unreal 3. The only game that was a big title I didn't buy this year was Orange Box because they can keep that crap. PC version was a heck of a lot better than both the 360 and PS3 version.

Sorry to rant but had to be said for my own peace of mind.
ISA_Scum  +   2971d ago
Well, at least I know people will be playing UT3 and Orange Box online when I get the games.
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