American Chart for Week Ending 15th December 2007 (360 and PS3 outsell Wii?)

VGChartz Reports for the Week ending Dec 15, 2007, American Sales were as follows:

DS: 704,805
360: 330,501
PS2: 253,824
PSP: 251,689
PS3: 192,730
Wii: 173,798

Is that all Wii were available or is VGChartz undertracking Wii's on the market? 170K (30% decline) seems strange....

Unreal Tournament III openned up PS3 with 69,768, which basically has outsold PC counter-part.

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box sold 36,490

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Relcom3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Where all these gay VG charts get released and everyone goes

I know people wanna say yeah the Wii fad is passing (me included) but its simply a supply issue. Because the demand is sure there.

unlimited3841d ago

Wii is selling less due to shortages. The 360 isnt really blowing out the PS3 in sales..If you look at world wide sales the PS3 is actually selling a little better then their enemy(360). I expect this Christmas to be a battle..I think Sony have to do really good through out 0'8 they have to out sell the 360 every month. I am certain with all the heavy hitter games coming out it will happen.

Gondee3841d ago

Is i just me or was UT3 a AAA title? isnt it suposed to sell millions?

Just a side note. But with the looks of 360 gamers i think UT3 would have sold a million copies first day on 360. Who else thinks that to?

Kr1553841d ago

The Ps3 version was a limited release. They rushed it out for Christmas cool thing is even with the limited release it outsold it's pc counterpart. To be honest though I don't care if it sells millions (of course Sony might) The game is funner than Halo.

Ju3841d ago

The US market is still huge - at least for 360 sales. 2M 360 software titles a week is immense, vs. 664 in the EU (and somebody above mentioned that. The PS3 sold 711k SW titles last week, that is, more PS3 SW then 360 in EU).

Also, 330k units sold. But, actually I am impressed, that the European market either seems to catch up or is bigger then expected. The PS3 sold more units (192k) in the US then 360 in Europe (172k). OTHO, the PS3 did not sell more units (255k) in Europe then 360 in the US (330k). But 255k units a week is a pretty respectable number - and the PS3 sold more in EU then in US (total numbers), also, the installbase is growing faster in EU then in the US, and is about on par already (with about ~5 month lesser sales).

US is 360 land. No doubt about it. Might also be some form of patriotism. Probably. Or the market is simply more price driven then elsewhere.

godofthunder103840d ago

i went to best buy yesterday to buy allpro football for the 360 because it was on sell for $10 and while i was there i seen 4 people buying 360s and not 1 buying a ps3,now i was only there for about 20 to 30 minutes so they might have sold a lot of ps3 later on.while i was there they had $500 br players on sell for $145 and if i would've had the money i would've bought it but christmas broke me.
the only reason that i could think they was on sell was maybe they was the older models and the new br disc that's coming out want play in them so they are trying to sell them befor the new br disc comes out and they will be obsolete but it was still worth the money just because for regular dvds because it was the one that the front comes down when you press a button and it had a blue glow to it ,so it would've made my home intertainment system look better.

Snukadaman3840d ago

selling sure most of you thought it would be in the 100ks at least....again ps3 owners show why its just not worth it to have exclusives....america is smart...people aint falling for hyperbole and waiting. and like every week..another excuse..some people cant admit to games being on their system being a flop....every week the excuse changes...first it was ratchet and clank and uncharted selling just 2 days...but next week we will see the same numbers or lower.

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Cyrus3653841d ago

Hopefully I don't get slack for this news story as for the worldwide number, honest mistake, I didn't know it didn't include the japanese numbers.

Strange about the Wii numbers though, is that all they had supply for this week?

Genuine3841d ago

Don't sweat it, we all make mistakes sometimes. Don't pay any attention to TANOD, he seriously seems to have issues.

iceice1233841d ago

Playstation 3. We hardly knew you. :'(
360: 330,501

PS3: 192,730

Cyrus3653841d ago

Not really considering Ps3 outsells 360 in europe and Japan, my other new report (Not including Japan) shows 360 has about 50K lead over Ps3, and then if you include the Japan numbers, that obviously skrinks significantly, to almost selling on par to one another.

xsteinbachx3841d ago

why do people always disagree especially when they don't understand?

chrno63841d ago

Another delusional 360 fanoby thinking that America represents the whole world.

lonestarmt3841d ago

your brain. We hardly knew you :(

look at the world wide sales lol

iceice1233841d ago

Another blind lemming who thinks Japan represents the world.

crazypuppet3841d ago

so even though the ps3 outsold the xbox 360 in europe by 80k the 360 outsold the ps3 is america by 140k which means the xbox 360 sold 60k more then teh ps3 this month(i swear to god if anyone calls me a xboxbot because i dont even have a ps3 and a 360)

TANOD3841d ago

we hardly knew you

PS3 has surpassed x360 in EU and JAPAN (even in terms of total sales in just 6 months)

192k is a very good number

VGCHARTS numbers also understimate ps3 wait for NPD before bullcrapping

TheXgamerLive3841d ago

But yes the ps3 is the better seller only in hardware only in Japan, in Japan the Xbox 360 still outsells the ps3 in games and this includes Europe too.

So he's basically right, bye bye ps3, ..........................naaa , the ps3 will continue to hang in there.

Lucreto3841d ago

RIP 360/Wii/PS3 actually none at all.

360 has the US market but Ps3 has the Japanese Market and it will gain control of the European market before the summer.

I leave out the Wii as I don't think a 89 year old women count as gamers.

How exactly is the US market bigger?

WilliamRLBaker3840d ago

except cyrus the ps3 doesn't outsell the 360, all those other countries mean nothing, the UK is a bunch of different countries, its sales alone outpace all other countries combined over there.

learn your figures.

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salgoods3841d ago

Ladies and gentleman,


Relcom3841d ago

I got popcorn and the refresh button ready. This will keep me entertained at work.