PhysX Cards At $50 In Japan

Ageia hasn't had the big success with its PhysX card. After a year and some games that support the technology, we still haven't seen any breakthrough, mostly due to the high price of the card (anywhere from $130-$180).

But now Ageia has announced a new deal with Japanese graphics cards maker ELSA, who will start selling PhysX cards in Japan for 6000 Yen, or just over $50. If that price comes to the rest of the world, it would be the best thing that has happened to the PhysX lineup, especially if we get some decent games that support the technology in a proper way.

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Skerj3813d ago

Hell at that price I'd buy one with a quickness.

GodsHand3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

But do we still need them? How many games support this tech?

TheIneffableBob3813d ago

Unreal Tournament 3, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, Warmonger, City of Heroes, and Cellfactor.

Rice3813d ago

Yea i would buy a PhysX card for those games, its only 50, wat harm can that do?

Silvia0073813d ago

I'd buy one and use it as a frisbee... damn, not even a good frisbee.

ThePantsMobile3812d ago

I was thinking about buying one a while ago but due to cost and lack of support, I decided not to. If lived in Japan, I'd buy one though.