Bobby Kotick:Call of Duty prepares for Chinese launch

According to Activation Blizzard's Q4 sales conference, Bobby Kotick, the CEO of the company, announces that Call of Duty is readying for Chinese launch, and most importantly, it will be a free-to-play game.

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TekoIie2323d ago

SOOOOO does he still care about money or can i get the next COD for free :3

GraveLord2323d ago

Its an MMOFPS for China.
Free to play is obviously the best option to go with for an FPS.

Skate-AK2323d ago

It will probably have over priced microtransactions.

kreate2323d ago

He's putting the name out there to slowly brainwash them so they can be future consumers who buy into bobby's tactics.

Start free.or cheap and once u got ppl hooked, u slowly start charging them. A region with the potential of becoming the largest market in the world.