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"Okay so the Skyrim Steam workshop has been available for just over a day now and already there are nearing 700 mods available to download, some of them are useful, some of them are unique and some of them are downright tasteless.
I’ll be rounding up my 10 most recommended mods (in no particular order) that are available so far."

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Tomonobu Itagaki2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

You can craft a helmet with the space core.

Razor7922080d ago

You can? That's awesome, I didn't know you could do that.

BattleTorn2080d ago

I've only added a few mods and my game has already started to slow.

I've only added:
Open-Cities (removed loading to enter Markarth, and Rifen)
Detailed-Cities (adds foliage to towns)
Dovahkiin's Retreat (add a home south of Whiterun)

This is why some people aren't fans of Mods. You think their gonna be cool, then next thing you know it's costed you performance.

My computer is less than a month old.(and runs every game on Ultra)

Razor7922080d ago

I've got around 15 mods installed, Open Cities and Detailed Cities being 2 of them and the High Res Pack on top of that and my game runs fine, just as well as it did before.
Odd that you're getting problems.

BattleTorn2079d ago

I've got the High Res Pack as well.

Does it mattter that I got the "2K-texture" mod from Nexus, and the High-Res "dlc" from Steam?

I thought they both do seperate textures.

That's the only mod I got from Nexus, btw.

Razor7922079d ago

RE: Your last reply.

By "High Res Pack" I meant the DLC that Bethesda released, I don't have any mods from Nexus, I waited until the Workshop was released to grab any of the mods so the Nexus stuff may indeed be the difference.

You never know though, computers are temperamental.