Bioware talks returning armor/weapons and helmet toggle in Mass Effect 3

Chris Priestly of Bioware answers a few questions regarding the returning armor/weapons from Mass Effect 2, in addition to providing some tidbits about helmet toggle, in Mass Effect 3.

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FrightfulActions2230d ago

Toggle helmets?! Finally. The fact that ME2 didn't have this option is just crazy. At least toggle it for when you're in urban areas and not on a dangerous mission.

krazykombatant2230d ago

Thats amazing news, I hated using some of the different suits in urban areas due to the fact that the helmet was always on.

FrightfulActions2230d ago

It wouldn't had been so bad if the helmet's provided some kind of actual anonymity. Even the 'Recon Hood' description was all about how "our operatives may not want their identities known, so here's this" but then you wear it and shock, it fools no one. You can be wearing any of the helmets that completely hide any identifiable trace of facial features, but EVERYONE instantly know's who you are just at first look. If they had added even just one line of "oh, Shepard, I barely noticed you under that helmet" it would at least add SOME creditably to having the dang things on 24-7 outside Normandy. But no NPC has ever even noticed your face is fully masked and hidden, so why not give us a toggle. The only difference it did, other than slight voice muffling, was simply visual. It was a purely cosmetic thing outside of battle (other than the one's that influence interrogation) so why not give us toggle?

Regardless, very glad to hear they listed to the fans and brought it back in ME3. It will be nice to finally get to see the custom Shepard I spent so long working on outside of the Normandy.

STICKzophrenic2230d ago

I had an entire collection of armor that I NEVER used because I couldn't toggle the helmet off. It looked REALLY stupid in conversations in urban environments.

I honestly don't see why ME2 wasn't patched to have helmet toggle.

That said, I'm glad helmet toggle for all armor will be in ME3. A tiny feature, but it makes a huge difference.